Alisha Brings the Grace of Dance to Vinyasa Flow

In Alisha Vasquez’s two Vinyasa Flow classes at Yoga Sol, we always appreciate the “grace of dance” that she brings to the practice.  I asked Alisha to share some thoughts with us and give us a little background on her experiences and influences.

Alisha shares…

The physical aspect of yoga has always intrigued me because of its resemblance to dance. As we flow through a series of postures, artfully sequenced by our yoga teacher much like a piece of choreography, we truly are dancing. Through our bodies, we express our inner radiance and the deep passion we have for life, which often gets drowned out in our daily routine, but which rises back to the surface through our practice.

Alisha VasquezAt the age of 16, I had a dance teacher who was incredibly inspiring. Not only was he a talented teacher, but also his enthusiasm for dance was obvious to anyone who watched him. Because of his guidance, I fell in love with dance and, a few years down the road, yoga too. Now that I’m a yoga teacher, it’s my hope that I can inspire students in the same way my teacher inspired me. I want my passion for yoga to be contagious to everyone around me. I want my classes to feel like a dance: graceful, beautiful, and charged with emotion.