Amber’s Insight Into Valentine’s Day Workshop

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Amber Savage and her husband, Leland Savage (also a certified yoga instructor) have designed an exciting workshop we’re sure to love. To shed some more light on what their workshop will entail, here is just a little Q and A with Amber.

Rozanne: Can you tell us what you have in mind for the workshop?

Amber: Soul gazing, breathing as one, playful-partner yoga, awesome acro-yoga playtime and loving massage techniques. You’ll go home with new knowledge and techniques to connect deeply with one another in a very unique way. This is an unforgettable experience sure to stand out from any other!

Rozanne: Many of our students are interested, with apprehensive partners. Can you speak to this? Say they have a “new to yoga” partner.

Amber: It’s always challenging stepping into the “unknown”. It takes courage to try something new. Each apprehensive partner has a unique concern. I have heard partners express concern about many issues ranging from an injured back, to “I’m not flexible”, to having high blood pressure, to thinking yoga is not for them… all of which I simply reply that that is exactly why you need yoga! That makes you the perfect candidate.

Valentines A & L Dog RE crop

Rozanne: Can you tell us a little more about Thai Massage and how you will weave it into the workshop?

Amber: Thai massage is a particular technique and methodology of massage greatly influenced by traditional medicine of the East and Yoga. We will incorporate it into the workshop by demonstrating and teaching it to those who attend. From there, we will apply what we have learned with our partners.

Rozanne: We love the flyer pictures. What if we aren’t as advanced as you and Leland?

Amber: Thank you! We have a little “buzz” around those pictures! Basically we don’t expect anyone to do anything out of their comfort zone, but students may be surprised at how adventurous they can choose to be!
Since this is a couples’ workshop, spaces are sure to fill up quickly.

Make sure to reserve your spot today!


Rozanne Englehart