Anh Chi Pham Mentoring Women And Bringing Advanced Restorative Workshop

Students continually tell me how impressed they are by Anh Chi Pham’s knowledge and commitment to the health and wellness of her students.  Truly one of Orange County’s best yoga instructors, Anh Chi Pham brings us two exciting new workshops: WOMEN’S HEALING CIRCLE: The Power of Connection (Sun May 31st 1-3:30pm) and ADVANCED RESTORATIVE: Health Through Rest & Ease (Sun June 28th 1-3:30pm). We’ve been talking and planning and I thought I’d share with all of you:

ROZANNE: You have shared with me that it has been your dream to organize a women’s healing circle for a while now. Can you tell us a little about this vision?

ANH CHI: This idea came about from a restorative class I was teaching. I felt that the students were ready to go deeper, but we simply didn’t have time in that format. My vision is to combine movement, journaling, meditation, and conscious communication into a playful inquiry that explores the power of connection –connection with our bodies and our shadows, the parts that we disown, connection with the earth through gravity and with each other. We are burdened with the idea that we have to go it alone, that we are just separate individuals. In fact, the number one reason people seek therapy today is because of loneliness. Through the circle, I hope participants can experience that natural state of connectedness and wholeness. It’s really who we are.

ROZANNE: You consistently make such a commitment to expanding your high-level training. Can you tell us about how your recent8365976512_99bd27f808_m trainings inform your plans for these two workshops?

ANH CHI: I’m enrolled in a year-long Women’s Circle and a nine month Yoga Sutra course. I’m also doing more yoga ball training with Jill Miller next month, and I’ve been adding more Ayurveda practices into my routine like oil massage and trying to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I’m sure bits and pieces of my trainings and personal practice will seep into both workshops.

ROZANNE: I know you are going to Esalen in May – I am so envious – such a gorgeous place and such a rich history! Tell us a bit about your plans.

ANH CHI: I haven’t decided what program I’ll do yet. I am considering between three options: one on yoga and personal leadership, one on Gyrokinesis (a movement modality that emphasizes spiral-like motions), and one on writing. I’m leaning toward the one on yoga and leadership, but we’ll see. I’m looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the incredible beauty of Big Sur.8365988974_021c341046_m

ROZANNE: We are quite intrigued about your “Master Sequence” plans for your Advanced Restorative Workshop. Can you give us a little preview?

ANH CHI: What I mean by advanced is not about harder poses, but about the refinement of our awareness and our consciousness. I’ll facilitate this refinement by working from the physical level inward, into the more subtle layers. We will use yoga balls, poses, un-pranayamas and other inquiries to unwind the layers of accumulated tension. I’m also planning on doing more education in this workshop about the importance of relaxation for our health and especially, in regards to aging. Aging happens because we don’t take the time to nourish ourselves. We dry out, so how can we replenish and rejuvenate? We’ll explore this theme and I’ll include a list of practices that participants can adopt at home.

ROZANNE: Thanks mucho! We look forward to what you have in store for us!

As spots are sure to fill up quickly, reserve your spot today!


Rozanne Englehart