April 2014 Student of The Month – Steve D From Placentia, Ca

Steve D – Placentia, Ca

This April, we showcase Steve, who through his impressive commitment to the practice has seen powerful benefits.

Steve came to Yoga Sol last year looking to increase core strength.  He told us that while he lifted weights for 50 years and had upper and lower body strength, he was aware of a disconnection between the two and was looking for a core workout to make that connection.  Steve shares: Yoga became that answer after someone very dear to me made me aware of its possibilities. She
was more than correct.

Regarding yoga’s power to heal the back: I suffered from debilitating back issues at least four times a year since high school. Since my journey into this practice of strength, calmness, and flexibility, I have not had one back incident keeping me from doing what I want.

Steve’s steady 4x a week practice has earned the benefits.  He shares: I made a “life change” several years ago and know success depends on consistency. I always will gravitate to a hard workout but now see the benefit of the restorative sessions. I have learned to listen to my wonderful instructors and now listen to what my body tells me.

Thanks Steve for inspiring us!  Steve kindly shares his inspirations regarding his instructors: My instructors have been nothing less than amazing. I thank them for much and owe them more. Instead of cursing my inability to touch my toes, I have learned from them to “honor” my lack of
flexibility. To increase it is now a goal getting attained thanks to them.

 Congratulations Steve! 

Steve D Pose