April 2015 Student of the Month – Connie S. from Yorba Linda, Ca

Connie S. – Yorba Linda, Ca

Rozanne: Congrats, you are our Yoga Sol Student of the month for April! You have been a steady practitioner since you first joined over a year ago. What first drew you to yoga?

Connie: As part of a pain management course that my primary care physician referred me to, yoga was encouraged as a way of dealing with chronic pain. I checked to see what studios were available in my area and was drawn to the Yoga Sol Studio because of the variety of classes.

Rozanne: In this time, we have seen your practice advance. Kudos to you for your consistent practice. What benefits of yoga have inspired your consistency? 

Connie: Through my yoga practice I have experienced many benefits. It has helped me to deal with the chronic pain issues but I have gained other benefits as well.

My flexibility has increased and I have greater mobility in my upper back and shoulders where I experience chronic pain issues. In addition, I have found that the breathing exercises have helped in dealing with the chronic pain issues. Another benefit I’ve notice is that my core strength has improved.

I believe that making sure that I do my yoga practice consistently will help me to maintain and improve on these benefits. I attend a minimum of three classes a week, but have been known to attend up to five days.

Rozanne: We notice that you take a range of classes – from the most tranquil “Candle Light Restorative”, to “YIN Flow”, to “Yoga with Ropes”. You have taken several of our workshops. Can you speak to this variety in your practice?

Connie: I took the Yoga with Ropes classes first because I felt that as a new student of yoga, it would help me to learn the poses and fine tune them because of the support that the ropes provided. It has helped to increase my flexibility, my core strength and is a lot of fun!

The YIN Flow has helped me to advance to doing some flow practice.   The class challenges me and guides me to improvement in my yoga practice. In addition to the benefit of learning to do a gentle flow, the restorative part of the class helps me to relax.

The Candle Light Restorative classes have provided the benefit of learning to relax and be quiet. In our busy world, I’ve found that it is important to stop and be quiet and these classes are very beneficial in help me to do so. I’ve taken classes from several different instructors that teach the Candle Light Restorative classes and enjoy the variety in the approach that each of the instructors provides. I also like the additional benefit that is provided in the meditation that has been added to the Sunday Candle Light Restorative class once a month.

Rozanne: You have shared with us that since doing yoga, your doctor took you off blood pressure medication. Kudos to you! Do you have any words of inspiration for any other students dealing with that issue?

Connie: After about a year of taking yoga classes, I had a visit with my primary care physician for a routine check-up and he surprised me by telling me that I no longer needed to take my blood pressure medication. As yoga, along with some meditation, were the only changes I had made in my life, I have to give the credit to my yoga practice.

I believe that a consistent practice in yoga has helped me to reap this very important benefit. It is also what encourages me to make sure that I practice consistently in order to maintain this very important benefit.

Rozanne: If there is anything else that inspires you, please tell us?

Connie: I have found the instructors at Yoga Sol to be very supportive and inspirational. As I am a full-figured woman, I was at first uncertain about starting yoga as I felt that I may be unable to do the poses. The instructors are terrific at modifying the poses to accommodate each student. As such, it has helped me to gain confidence in doing the poses and helped me to improve.

The staff at Yoga Sol is terrific! They are friendly, upbeat and helpful. I feel extremely comfortable with the environment at Yoga Sol. In addition to the staff and instructors, there is a great community of students and I’ve made some great friends in these classes.


Rozanne Englehart