August 2013 Student of the Month – Kathleen A from Brea, CA





Kathleen A

Brea, CA

This month Yoga Sol recognizes Kathleen Anthony as our student of the month. Kathleen has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years, but has truly embraced a consistent practice this past year. Having YOGA SOL’s highest attendance rate for this summer, she says that it is easy for her to take so many classes due to all the benefits she receives. She says yoga balances her physically and mentally. During her practice she is able to divorce herself from worries about past and present, and is able to concentrate on what is happening in her mind and body…and ESCAPE! Kathleen says that sometimes she has to tell herself that it is okay to leave the office to practice yoga. She tells us “I can be more effective when I return to the office, so it really costs me nothing.” When we asked Kathleen what keeps her inspired, she said her instructors keep her inspired. “All of my instructors convey an uncanny sense of contentment; I want that.” We are inspired by Kathleen’s consistent practice and honor her for her commitment to inner peace and tranquility, and for sharing her passion with our community!