August 2015 Student of the Month – Jackie and Len Nguyen From Yorba Linda, Ca

Jackie and Len Nguyen – Yorba Linda, Ca

Rozanne: Yoga Sol salutes you for your consistent and energetic practices. We know you first came to us a year ago having done some yoga prior. We have seen you embrace and really grow your practices this year. What first drew to you yoga?

Jackie/Len: Len and I have been interested in yoga for a long time. We are both runners and with our age we knew that we are more prone to injuries. We knew yoga would help us to prevent the common injuries amongst runners and to improve our breathing.

Rozanne: Can you tell us about the gifts of yoga that you have experienced with your practices?

Jackie/Len: We believe practicing yoga and meditation consistently is the key to great long term health. Practicing yoga has taught us to be in the present and to be mindful, especially in the time when we are on the mat.

Rozanne: We notice that you very often take Yoga Sol’s most physically challenging classes. We also know that you appreciate the full spectrum of the practice. Can you share your motivations on class choices?

Jackie/Len: We love challenges, so the obvious choices for us are the high physical classes. The physical classes challenge us with more difficult poses which help us build our strengths and our focus.

Rozanne: Can tell us a little bit of how your travels to India have informed your practice?

Jackie/Len: Our trip to India to the International Yoga Festival with Yoga teachers and Gurus was wonderful. It was awesome to be around like minded people. It brought the spiritual aspect to our practice and we will forever be grateful for the experience.

Rozanne: As one of Yoga Sol’s most consistent and dedicated couple practitioners, can you share words of encouragement for others?

Jackie/Len: We love Yoga. Keep practicing even when the pose seems impossible to do. It is the food for the Body and Soul. Yoga helps one to be grounded and appreciate what is truly important in life. Namaste!!




Rozanne Englehart