YOGA SOL is thrilled to present a very special workshop series from Anh Chi Pham – BODY OF WISDOM – beginning Saturday May 24th and continuing 6/28, 7/26 & 8/16.  Anh Chi is a tremendously gifted and generous teacher and shares some of her own personal journey and inspirations in the blog below:

Body of WisdomTwo events changed my life in 1999. A tree fell and broke my back, sending me to yoga, and an awakening experience inspired me to learn meditation.  For many years, I thought of them as completely separate practices: flexibility was for the body, wisdom was for the mind.

By working through personal challenges –divorce, depression, chronic pain, career changes, I’ve realized that wisdom is embodied. Yoga and meditation are one. Each challenge that we face is an opportunity to grow in strength, flexibility, and wisdom. The key is not to effort harder, but to relax and be curious about our direct experiencing moment to moment.

For example, I had chronic SI pain for almost two years. When I recognized and acknowledged the emotional components, the dull ache subsided. I also combined this ability to relax fully into the discomfort with self-massage to fully heal the SI pain.

I would love to share this holistic approach to self-care and empowerment with you. This is heart of the Body of Wisdom Workshop Series that I will be leading this summer at Yoga Sol. Each workshop focuses on a particular theme –tension, core, breath, and negative emotions– and can be of benefit to the general public as well as those suffering from any related conditions.

If you have any questions about your participation, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Anh Chi Pham