Pecan Coconut Granola

I love granola! It is healthy, delicious, and you can make a big batch to last you a few weeks, which makes it super convenient. My favorite way to eat granola is in a smoothie bowl, but it is also good with your choice of milk or even just to snack on by itself. There is something so wholesome and wonderful about homemade granola. When I make it and the sweet smells and aromas fill my house, it reminds me of when I was younger and my mom used to make granola for me. My mom is so caring and has always ensured that my brother and I were provided for. When I went through a hardcore smoothie-bowl-phase in high school, my mom made sure there was always a jar of fresh granola on the counter for my morning smoothie bowls.


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Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

paleo-pumpkin-muffins‘Tis the season for all things warm and spicy. These Paleo Pumpkin Muffins are a great treat, whether for breakfast, or an on-the-go energy boost after a great yoga class. If you were lucky enough to stop by Yoga Sol on Small Business Saturday, then you even got a chance to try some of these yourself. (more…)

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Lucky Lentils Salad

Lucky Lentil SaladFor those of you who joined us for Noelle’s Resolution Flow on New Year’s Day, then you already have a craving for this salad. And I know you do because most of you from the class have asked me (more than once, sorry!) for this recipe. I chose to make the lentils salad for our New Year treat because: (more…)

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After Holiday Dinner Smoothie Recipes

Turkey Day Detox Smoothie RecipeHere it is, the Holidays already. My, how the year has flown by. Now, I love all the holidays. I love the dishes, I love the recipe possibilities, I love the coming together of family and friends to enjoy good times. But, let’s be honest, after a really awesome holiday meal, don’t you find yourself thinking, “whoa, I am full. Why didn’t I stop after the second plate? I’m going to eat nothing tomorrow…” Which, who eats nothing? Let’s talk a health, refreshing alternative – a real fruit smoothie.

My freezer is always stocked with (more…)

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Buttermylk Blueberry Muffins

Buttermylk Blueberry MuffinsI rarely wake-up hungry or in the mood to eat. Most mornings, I have to get through a Rise and Shine Flow, or a good round of sun salutations, and then another hour or two with water and coffee before I get that need to feed. But I recently woke up one morning with a crazy craving for blueberry muffins. A quick look online and all I saw was recipe after recipe of over-sugared muffins. They weren’t muffins, they were super sugar-y cakes. And, there was no way I was going to blow my calories (I’ve become a food tracking wizard, and feel totally empowered thanks to my new Fitbit) with my first meal of the day. So, what’s a recipe recrEATer to do but to whip up something healthy, nourishing and satisfying.  (more…)

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Lettuce Turnip the Beet Salad

Lettuce Turnip the Beet SaladI don’t know about you but I love salad. It’s my favorite way to play with food. It’s salads like this that have my mind wandering on the mat when I should be focusing on my pose in Amy’s Rise and Shine Flow (yes, I start dreaming about dinner early in the morning). The next time you see me fall out of my Tree pose, it’s probably because I’m dreaming about my next salad recipe and not focusing on my breath.

This salad was originally inspired by a t-shirt that read “Lettuce Turnip the Beet.” Groovy, right? (more…)

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Fish Tacos with Peach Salsa

Fish Tacos with Peach SalsaI love fish tacos. And I love peaches. I especially love them together in the summer time. Fish tacos with Peach Salsa is easy to prepare, nutritious, and rejuvenating after a really good yoga class. Here in Orange County, we’ve got peaches popping up everywhere. I just scored some gorgeous, sweet, juicy fruits from the Irvine Farmer’s Market (that is my new favorite place to be on Sunday morning, once I’ve done my sun salutations). (more…)

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Chocolate Pudding with a Secret

Chocolate Pudding (gluten-free, vegan)This treat made it’s way to Yoga Sol Studio a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Anh Chi’s birthday. Healthy, refined-sugar free, and using a “secret” ingredient, this pudding was a big hit with the birthday girl and with the many yogis who were still floating back to reality from their Savasana. I’d float back a little faster, too, knowing treat was waiting for me. And, as requested, here’s the recipe so you can have some of this yummy pudding waiting for you after your next Vinyasa flow or Restorative class. (more…)

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Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza - gluten-freeSaturday mornings. Cold pizza and cartoons. It’s one of my favorites memories of time with dad growing up. June has me thinking of Father’s Day. And picnics. And while it’s been surprisingly (wonderfully) mild here in Orange County, June promises the start of summer and sunshine. So, whether you want to whip one up for a lazy Saturday morning at home (those are so nourishing for your soul!) or want to make dad feel extra special on Father’s Day by nourishing his tummy, you can’t go wrong with a breakfast pizza. And, it makes a great and filling brunch or lunch after a good hatha or meditative flow yoga class. (more…)

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Raspberry Scones

Gluten-free raspberry sconesMay. May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day (the official start of summer). It’s the month of sunshine and celebrations. Of stretching out on the mat and getting out into the sunshine; making the most of our longer days and mild temps. It’s about getting together to acknowledge, to love, to eat, to share.

With so much goodness coming us this month, I figured an easy to make, easy to share recipe is just what we needed. What better thing to share than fresh baked scones? (more…)

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