Celebrating Noelle With Her Christmas Birthday!

It just seems fitting to showcase Noelle with her Dec 23rd birthday, as she was named Noelle for the holiday! A little Q & A to get to know Noelle better!

Rozanne:  Noelle, you have such a tremendous range in your teachings – from Yoga Sol’s most popular class the very tranquil “Candle Light Restorative”, to therapeutically inspired “Healing Yoga” to “Hatha Flow”. This variety of classes caters to a wide range of students, from beginners to advanced. Can you comment on this range in your teaching?

Noelle: After many years of Bikram Yoga, I started exploring various other styles which further fueled my love of yoga. I became intrigued with yoga’s ability to tap into our bodies’ wisdom to self-heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I enrolled in Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy Program and graduated August, 2014. To this day I still enjoy a good sweaty, hot, strength building class, but love balancing it out with a meditative, gentle or restorative class.

Rozanne: We congratulate you on the completion of your advanced level credentials and Yoga Therapist certification – three levels of study at Loyola Marymount University.  Can you tell us a little bit about how these teachings now inform your yoga instruction.

Noelle: I’ve learned that less is more when it comes to healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It’s about slowing down, connecting to breath and quieting our mind. We then allow ourselves to enter a passive state in which we are open for healing. I guide the students through a slow warm-up allowing transition from our normal re-active state to a more reflective and present state.

Rozanne: As a Yoga Sol teacher with a tremendously loyal following, can you speak to this relationship and community building.

Noelle: I was taught early on as a yoga teacher the importance of establishing a safe and comfortable environment for your students to thrive in. Once you’ve built a relationship of mutual respect, trust begins to play a big role in creating warm relationships and a sense of community. Every time I step on my teaching mat I keep in mind I am teaching someone’s mother, father, daughter, son, sister, or brother.  I teach my students with the same regard and care as I would my loved ones.

Rozanne:  We are thrilled that you are bringing two Holiday De-Stress (12/6) and Post Holiday Detox (1/3) workshops to Yoga Sol.  Can you tell us a little bit more about your vision for these?

Noelle: The holidays can be overwhelming in so many ways.  We are stressed, busy, exhausted and lacking time and energy to take care of ourselves.  The Holiday De-Stress workshop creates an opportunity to calm our nervous system down with meditation, breathing techniques and postures that allow you to let go of the appropriate blend of energies to find balance.

No matter how disciplined we try to be, the holiday season can bring about excess. This can translate into physical exhaustion and overeating, mental over stimulation, and emotional stressing. The Holiday Detox- Flow workshop provides a safe environment to purge all of our excesses and restore our own bodily systems. The practice of meditation and deep breathing will restore our mind-body to a place of harmony and calm. We will stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems to clear out toxins allowing the mind-body to return to a natural state of balance and health.

Rozanne Englehart