Challenge Yourself … Balance Your Life!

As we enter our second month here at YOGA SOL, I come back to our first “branding line” CHALLENGE YOURSELF…BALANCE YOUR LIFE! By “branding line,” I mean finding a phrase to communicate to you – who we are, what we believe in and what we have to offer to you. Even though we didn’t originally use this wording in any of our communications, I come back to it this week as I realize that it truly resonates with me on many levels.

Challenge Yourself - Balance Your Life with Yoga Sol Yoga ClassesMore importantly, what could CHALLENGE YOURSELF…BALANCE YOUR LIFE mean to you in your life? I challenge you to think of the word, “challenge,” a bit differently. I suggest that you see “challenge” as challenging yourself to make the commitment to earn the best in your life. I love yoga and believe that if you show up, do the work, and remain present, you will enjoy amazing benefits. I challenge you to find these benefits in your life.

As far as the physicality aspect of that “challenge” word, I suggest again that you really step back and think about what you need and want on any given day. Sure, we all love the physical attributes of strength and toning, but yoga is so much more. I hope we all demand the full complement of connecting the mind, the body and the spirit – total balance. And really, isn’t that one of the main reasons that we all come to yoga!

To me, Challenge Yourself…Balance Your Life at the yoga studio, means stepping back and taking a moment to really evaluate what I need. Next, taking the time to find the perfect challenge for me at the moment (maybe I select a class with vigorous physical challenge or maybe I select a candle light restorative class to re-energize). It also means that I remember that there is a lesson to be learned in every posture – no matter how basic. Even the most experienced practitioner learns something with each every pose just by being present in the moment. We often are so busy rushing to the next thing – the next event – the next posture, that we don’t fully experience the benefits of the moment. Here is the real challenge. I guess it is that focus and the intelligent choices that we make for ourselves that can inform our challenge and lead us to the balance.

– Rozanne

P.S. YOGA SOL just added 5 Intermediate Vinyasa flow classes – lots of “challenge!” Take them and love them if that is what is right for you that day. We also added more community classes, and maybe “challenge” for our newest beginners means embracing the challenge of one community class per week. Enjoy!