Chérie Life Cycle Celebrant®

Chérie is a Life Cycle Celebrant® graduate from the Life Cycle Celebrant Foundation and Institute.

Chérie’s passion for creating personalized ceremonies comes from her belief that a ceremony (or ritual) can be very healing for someone going through transitions in their life.  She believes “never miss an opportunity to celebrate life with a ceremony” which could include a Celebration of Life, a Wedding, a Baby Naming or Adoption, a Milestone Birthday, a New Home Blessing or even the Loss of a Job- these are just a few of the life events that a ceremony or ritual will celebrate.

Chérie enjoys the process of meeting with her clients to create a personalized ceremony.  She never knows where the inspiration for a ceremony will come from, and talking with each client, discovering the client’s beliefs and ideas is a very exciting part of the process.  It’s very rewarding for both Chérie and her client when the ceremony is completed and performed.

In addition to her training as a Life Cycle Celebrant, Chérie’s background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, retail sales, and Licensed Massage Therapist.  She continues her study in massage therapy, with a focus on working with oncology clients.  Chérie also attends classes with Greet The Day Institute of Integrative Oncology.

Practicing Yoga on a daily basis at Yoga Sol has helped her with her creativity.  She often receives inspiration during classes while she is concentrating and holding a pose or at the end of class during Shavasana.