Yoga Sol - Private Lessons

Private Sessions

Whether you’re a new student looking to quickly build a strong foundation, an experienced student wanting to advance to the next level, or someone working to heal an injury, Private Sessions with YOGA SOL instructors are a valuable resource to support your practice while meeting your individual needs.

What may take months in a class environment can be accomplished significantly faster in a one-on-one setting. Your session will be completely tailored to your goals, physical ability, and special requests. You will dramatically improve your alignment and knowledge, bringing greater strength, flexibility, and well being to your practice.  Yoga Sol offers two programs: General Private Sessions & Therapeutic Private Sessions (for client’s requesting a Certified Yoga Therapist and greater therapeutic focus):


Single General Private Session: 75 minutes $120 
Series of Three General Private Sessions – 75 min each: $325



Initial Therapeutic Evaluation: 75 minutes $150

Single Therapeutic Private Session: 60 minutes $135 

Therapeutic Private Session Package: One Initial Evaluation + Two  Therapeutic Sessions = $378

Series of Three Therapeutic Private Sessions 60 min each: $365

Private Sessions can be made by appointment. See the front desk for details.

Yoga Sol - Private Yoga Sessions