Dec 2016 Student of the Month – Bela Patel

Rozanne: You began your practice at Yoga Sol Studio all the way back in 2014! We’re so honored you’ve been such a loyal student of ours. How did you begin your yoga practice?

Bela: I started around the age of 5 trying to copy poses from an Iyengar yoga book my family had. I continued to dabble in classes throughout the years but have been more consistent since I have been at Yoga Sol.

Rozanne: You have such a sophistication and depth to your yoga practice. What has inspired your practice?

Bela: I feel like I am always a beginner and but am very open to all instruction styles. I love the fact that when doing yoga I can feel most comfortable with where I am on that day. I don’t feel any judgment and I don’t compare myself to others which is amazing.

Rozanne: You juggle motherhood, a professional career, and a consistent yoga practice and still manage to always appear to calm and balanced. What’s your trick?

Bela: It’s definitely a challenge to remain calm and balanced with the huge changes in my life in the recent years. I try to meditate on most days and continue a yoga practice. Doing yoga not only exercises my body but it helps me become more present and less reactive.