December 2014 Student of The Month – Susy T. From Yorba Linda, CA

Susy T – Yorba Linda

Susy Turner has been with us at Yoga Sol since our very first weeks!  An inspiring consistent practitioner, with a full appreciation for the diverse aspects of yoga, Susy is now a Mom-to-Be, inspiring us with her prenatal yoga journey. Susy works very hard as one of our community’s finest preschool special education teachers and takes pride in giving her best to her students and being a source of encouragement to their education and future success.

Susy first found yoga when her yoga enthusiast sister encouraged her to take yoga for work stress reduction. She shares: I took my first yoga class at the local gym and enjoyed it but I wasn’t sure if I was aligning my body correctly.  I decided to extend my knowledge and work on the proper yoga forms by seeking a yoga studio, and I found Yoga Sol!

We have seen Susy’s practice advance over these few years and salute her consistency!  She shares the benefits:  Practicing yoga has not only enhanced my flexibility and physical health, but it has transformed the way I work on my mental and emotional health.  Being a preschool special education teacher, I am on my feet all day and handling unexpected, sometimes stressful moments.  At the end of the day I am mentally and physically drained.  Attending yoga classes twice a week relieves the tension and the negativity that has accumulated during the week.  It is a time for me to refocus and heal my body. 

Susy’s full appreciation of the practice is evident in the diversity of her classes –  from the most tranquil “Candle Light Restorative”, to “Meditative Flow”, to “Hatha & Vinyasa Flows”, to Yoga Sol advanced Workshops.

Susy and husband Scott are expecting their first child next spring!  Susy shares this journey with us: We are excited about this blessing.  We have been trying for years to conceive and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride!  After several fertility treatments and acupuncture, I went through times of utter confusion and then acceptance, and back around the loop again.  I found that yoga assisted me in healing and loving myself despite my fertility struggle.  Through my yoga practice I have learned to honor my body and shift my focus on the blessings that surrounded me on a daily basis.  Currently, I am continuing my yoga practice in preparation for the baby.  I like the breathing exercises in the beginning and at the end of the class which is assisting me and my changing body.  I have been regularly attending Monday night’s meditative class, I am truly thankful for Amy’s guidance and expertise.  She has been a wonderful encouragement in helping me to modify poses so that I can truly make it my own practice. 

We look forward to following this exciting journey with you!

Congratulations Susy!