Feb 2016 Student of the Month – Chérie Sawiak from Fullerton, CA

Rozanne: Congratulations! You are our Yoga Sol Student of the Month for February. You were already an experienced yoga student when you first came to our studio. What drew you to yoga, and what has kept you so dedicated to yoga over the years?
I started yoga in college as part of a physical education requirement, it wasn’t until the last few years that I returned to yoga on a regular, committed basis. I have always tried to stay physically active over the years with ballet, tap dance, step aerobics, walking, boxing, and Pilates, but as I went through life, my awareness of how my body was changing became apparent. I was drawn back to yoga because I was looking for a physical activity where I could increase my upper body strength, flexibility, and maintain my balance. Yoga has helped me achieve this without adding additional stress to my body, like one may do with lifting weights. Yoga is an excellent weight-bearing activity which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, helps reduce stress, and improves ones perspective on life’s challenges. These are just a few of the many reasons as to why I have become a dedicated yoga student.

Rozanne: You have been an extremely consistent practitioner here, and have even gone to 7 workshops in the past year! We’re extremely impressed with your commitment and loyalty to the studio. What draws you to take each workshop?

Chérie: Each workshop has been amazing. By attending the workshops, I have a better understanding of each subject being taught. I obtain new ideas and techniques which help me enhance my practice. The workshops also give one a great learning opportunity by spending more time with the instructors and fellow students.

Rozanne: You have been known to have amazing body awareness and the ability to know your edge in each pose. Our instructors have said you get an A+ for modifications! Knowing your body is such a staple to practicing yoga. What are some insights you have about increasing our body awareness?

Chérie: Being aware of your body, and what it’s telling you, is easy to say, for some it may be difficult to accept. Acknowledging and being mindful of my physical limitations is not necessarily a detriment, but allows me to work on becoming stronger by modifying and practicing each yoga pose. By knowing when to make these modifications, I am able to move forward with my practice without any setbacks. I would like to thank all of the Yoga Sol instructors for their compliment, and for always being so attentive regarding my injuries.

Rozanne: We have noticed you always make an effort to improve your practice. You take classes ranging from Meditative Flow and Restorative to Hatha and Vinyasa Flows. On top of that, you attend many workshops and continue to expand your knowledge about yoga. What inspires you to continually challenge yourself?

Chérie: I’m inspired to continue my practice because of how yoga makes me feel so much better mentally and physically. Over this past year by attending classes and workshops at Yoga Sol, I feel how much my overall health has improved. By nature I have always been a positive person, and practicing yoga and meditation, inspires me to continue my positive outlook, and to view challenges in life from a different perspective, while branching out and trying new adventures in life.

Chérie: I would like to thank the following people for Yoga Sol;

  • Noelle, thank you for asking me to take classes here;
  • A big Thank You to all of the instructors who inspire me to continue my practice;
  • Rozanne for creating a professional studio with caring and knowledgeable instructors;
  • All of the staff members for always greeting us with a warm smile and welcome
  • All of the new friends I have made since attending class here.

Rozanne: Chérie, we’d like to extend a big thanks to YOU! You inspire everyone here day by day!

Rozanne Englehart