February 2014 Student of the Month – Silvia L From Yorba Linda, CA

Silvia L – Yorba Linda, CA

This February – the month of love – we salute Silvia Lawton, for being a true ambassador of yoga to those she loves!  Silvia has inspired husband Gary and daughter Ashley by her beautiful practice.

When asked what brought her to Yoga Sol, Silvia tells us, I was re-introduced to yoga at a time when I needed to focus more on myself.  I wanted to work on stress reduction and my physical well-being while doing something I enjoyed.

Silvia’s focus, commitment and consistency have yielded tremendous benefits.  She shares: Yoga has improved my overall health and well-being by strengthening my body, improving my stamina and metabolism. I am also more aware of my breathing and posture. Yoga has allowed me to nurture myself by doing what I enjoy.

  Consistently coming to Yoga Sol at least three times a week, Silvia shares: “I am inspired by the results I see and feel in my body and my state of mind. It is the time that I dedicate to myself which at the same time, allows me to be a better Silvia at home and at work.”

Regarding how class variety builds consistency, Silvia shares: “I like to attend different classes to learn different styles and to keep my practice fresh. I learn something different from all the instructors. I like to read about Yoga and try it for myself. It also depends on my energy level and need on a particular day. I especially look forward to Restorative Yoga toward the end of a work week. I love Yoga Sol’s variety of classes and instructors. If it wasn’t for the broad class schedule, I wouldn’t be able to be this involved in my practice as I am employed full time.”

Coming back to our February month of love theme, we were touched by Silvia’s sharing regarding Gary & Ashley: “After a few months of inviting Gary, I was happily surprised to hear that he had decided to give it a try. He had always gone to the gym, so when he started attending Yoga 3 to 4 times a week and would come home talking about what he learned and how he was seeing the benefits of it, I was in awe.  I don’t think I have told him this yet, but I feel it has brought us even closer.  Gary then started bringing Ashley, our 9 year old daughter, who now wants to be a “Yoga Teacher” when she grows up.  I have not given up on bringing my son Jeffrey who is 12 years old, there is hope.”