February 2015 Students of the Month – Karen and Mark D. From Yorba Linda, Ca

Karen and Mark D – Yorba Linda

This Valentine’s month, we salute Karen & Mark for their solid consistent practices–coming together, supporting each other.

Mark tells us “We can motivate each other to go to class…The fact that we can do it together is great because it’s become a new common interest.” Karen agrees and shares “I totally enjoy attending classes with my husband and we both commit to each other this time to spend together. Mark does inspire me to push a little harder in class.”

Karen tells us that she first fell in love with yoga in college and now that her kids grown and she has some “sacred extra time”, she embraced yoga once again. An avid mountain biker, Mark came to Yoga Sol to increase flexibility and to balance muscle work in the entire body.

Karen and Mark gravitate towards our “higher physicality” Vinyasa classes and both have energetic strong practices. Beyond the physicality, they share an appreciation for the full benefits of the practice. “We really enjoy the reflective aspect of yoga, along with the focus on flexibility, balance and discipline.”

When asked if he could give some words of encouragement for “yoga skeptical” guys, Mark understands. “I remember initial reservations: would I be welcome, would I find the workout to be strenuous enough, would I even be able to get into some of those poses? These became non-issues pretty early on. To start with, it’s a very low key environment and everyone is very chill, which I liked…not that it matters, but I’m never the only guy in class. I also noticed that everyone is at a different place in their practice and the instructors are always good about explaining what we’re doing, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re a relative beginner or that you can’t bend like a pretzel. We gravitate toward the Vinyasa classes to get a good work out and we aren’t disappointed. I’m definitely sticking with it.”

Congratulations Karen and Mark!!