Does Your Health Insurance or Employer Pay for Yoga Sol Membership? (or even a portion)

How exciting is this… I just found out that my health care provider, Anthem Blue Cross, reimburses up to $400 per year toward Yoga Sol expenses with my particular plan!

We did a little more checking and were thrilled to learn that several health care providers and local employers have instituted health and wellness fitness reimbursement plans to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Preventative health care and awareness not only reduces injury and illness, but reduces health care costs in the future as well. Obviously, this is acknowledging the value of a fit lifestyle for overall health and wellness – wonderful, isn’t it!

Example coverage of one provider (check your individual provider):

– Reimbursement of $400 per year of Yoga Sol Membership expense
– Requirement of 35 visits every 6 months
– Simple application process every 6 months providing the following documentation:
 – Copy of Yoga Sol Membership Agreement
– Completion of Healthy Support Gym Reimbursement Form
– Receipt for Yoga Sol payment
– Yoga Sol printout of class attendance

Smart, easy, a no-brainier – check out your coverage – we’ll give you the print outs – just send them in with their form and Bank the Money!

Call your health care provider today and see if you’re covered.  Check with your employer for possible benefits.



Rozanne Englehart