Getting to Know Amee Patel!

Rozanne: We are so thrilled that you now have two weekly classes at YOGA SOL – Sundays 10:30am VINYASA FLOW INTERMEDIATE and Tuesdays 11am POWER HOUR! Both classes greatly reflect your background in Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Can you tell us a little about your love for this type of yoga?  

Amee: I’ve practiced various styles of yoga and these variations of yoga asana (although both VERY different) are what keeps me coming back to my mat. My personal practice is Ashtanga which is a very regimented style in which you practice a set sequence of poses. I particularly love this since I can focus on my breath (pranayam) and gaze (drishti), allowing me to tune out everything else around me. The more I delve deeper into my practice, I am finding more enjoyment from keeping a steady breath than I am from the actual physical poses….something I have learned to carry with me throughout my day. On the other side, I love to teach and take classes in Vinyasa which actually stem from the Ashtanga system. I love to create new ways to move the body so that the flows become fun and challenging at the same time.

Rozanne: We know that you greatly value education and that you are highly educated – advanced education in both university and in the yoga world.  Is this love of education what drew you to the more holistic components of the practice? 

Amee: Not originally.  I think when you get more involved in yoga and start to incorporate it into your life, you learn there are more ways to live holistically.  It becomes a natural progression.  However, I do love to learn and am constantly reading or learning something about yoga since I feel that I have just touched to tip of the iceberg in learning and practicing it.  I enjoy bringing these aspects of yoga to my students since I feel that most students don’t know much of the other 8 limbs of yoga beyond the physical practice on their mats.  I love to weave philosophy into my classes so that students can get a taste of the richness of yoga.

Rozanne: As a young mother and career professional, has your yoga practice been instrumental in keeping that elusive BALANCE? 

amee1Amee: Most definitely!  If I can learn to keep a steady breath and calm mind in my practice, then why not take that and apply that to my life?  Life is always going to be shifting and changing but if I can keep this equanimity on the mat, then it carries into my personal life as well.  I also learn from my kids!  Watching them is like having a mirror for me to reflect on the ways I can change and handle situations.  I am not a perfect yogi and have MANY moments that challenge me but its a constant practice!  That’s why it’s called a yoga “practice” and not a yoga “perfect”….I find I am constantly learning how to balance any situation.

Rozanne: Do you have any advice for other busy career moms on finding that Balance?

Amee: BREATHE!  BREATHE!! BREATHE!!  At the end of the day, remember it is only your journey and no one else’s.  

Rozanne: We know you love to weave in a little humor, joy and fun into your classes.  Important, right?

Amee: Yes, I love to bring in humor and gaiety into my classes…too much of life is so stressful, we should want to find some joy whenever we come to our mat.  That is what will keep you coming back to your mat and your practice….if you learn to love the process!  No one started in the perfect handstand or warrior 3!  We all fall down (on our mat and in our life).  The joy comes when you can shake it off and try again.  That’s what kids learn when learning to walk or ride a bike so why can’t we apply that mindset to everything we do?

Thank you Amee!

Amee teaches Tuesdays at 11am Power Hour (Level 2) and Sundays 10:30am Intermediate Vinyasa!
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