Getting To Know Becca Silverman!

Rozanne: Becca, we are so thrilled to be seeing more of yoga at Yoga Sol with your Tuesday 4:30pm Vinyasa Class and more to come in the new year! Can you tell us a little about how you came to yoga?

BeccaI was first introduced to yoga when my sister, Rachel, opened up her own yoga studio. I was hooked instantly and loved how happy I would feel after each class. 

Rozanne: Can you talk about your teacher trainings and those teachers that have been the biggest influence on you?

BeccaI was a part of Rachel Silverman’s first Yoga Teacher Training as well as her first Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training. Rachel is definitely the teacher that has been the biggest influence on me. Everything I know I have learned from her, but now having more experience I’ve been able to put my own spin on her style of class. One of my favorite things that I learned from Rachel was how to teach an All Levels Class. You never know who is going to show up to class and it’s great to be able to adjust to your students so everyone gets the practice that they need. Rachel showed me how to challenge my students in a healthy way that can be customized for each student with different variations.

Rozanne: I am so thrilled to see your beautiful family dynamic! You and your sister Rachel are both such fabulous instructors and both with your own well developed style. Your beautiful Mom Patti is usually here practicing also. Did you grow up with a keen sense of taking good care of your health and wellness?CenterYoga_79

BeccaGrowing up my mom always had us doing lots of activities (ballet, softball, tennis, etc). She knew the importance of keeping an active lifestyle and always had us trying new things to find what we liked. To this day, my mom is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to health and fitness. 

Rozanne:  I just love that you have developed your own unique voice and teaching style.  Can you share a little of your inspirations?

BeccaMy biggest passion in life is singing. It brings me so much joy and I have been studying different styles of voice for 15 years, which I think is a huge contributor to that. I personally think the tone of voice can change the energy of a class. I also think the music can make or break a class. I like to keep my classes calm but uplifting and energizing. I want students to feel comfortable in my class to take the variation that is needed for them and not focus on what the person next to them may be doing. Each student is on their own journey and have their own specific needs. 

Rozanne: I know you work in a job setting and teach yoga on a part-time basis. Can you speak about yoga’s gifts with respect to juggling these different demands. I know this resonates with most of our students.

BeccaYoga is such a great counter balance for an office job. When you’re sitting at a desk all day dealing with the stress of work there is no better fix than a good yoga class where you can move and stretch and find some peace of mind. I personally love that Yoga is not my main job. I feel so fulfilled getting to teach yoga for fun and not worrying about it being my main source of income. I love getting to come to class and help students get one more step towards the outcome they are looking for. I feel so overjoyed after teaching a yoga class, especially at Yoga Sol. I am consistently impressed with the quality of form with the students at this studio. I love to see such healthy practices and positive students! I am so looking forward to getting to know the students and teachers better!

Thank you Becca!

Rozanne Englehart