Getting To Know Elizabeth Dotts!

We are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Dotts to YOGA SOL’s permanent staff this month! A young mother, former school educator, and vibrant friendly spirit, Elizabeth easily relates to our Yoga Sol members. By popular demand, we have added a Saturday 3pm Vinyasa Flow – Mixed Levels for those of you with Saturday morning commitments.

Just a little Q & A to get to know Elizabeth below:

Rozanne: Elizabeth, your classes have that perfect blend of challenge and balance. Can you tell us how yoga has helped you in your life find this balance?

Elizabeth: Yoga has opened my heart and brought a steadiness and ease to all aspects in my life. It has created a place for me free of self-judgment; one that has cultivated strength, nurtured flexibility, and supported balance in both my body and mind. With my practice, I am now able to find grace and opportunity in all of life’s challenges.

Rozanne: I just love the joy that you bring to your classes! Part true connection with your students, part humor and part of your own personal joy for the practice. Can you speak to this love of the practice and your teaching?

Elizabeth: I love sharing yoga with others, because I love the practice so much myself! Yoga brings me balance, joy, courage, and compassion on and off the mat. It is my greatest hope that I can create classes in which students are able to experience some of these same feelings. I consider myself a guest in the practice of my fellow yogis; my presence being one of encouragement and support. I hope to serve students by safely and compassionately guiding them as they continue their individual yogic journeys.

Rozanne: Your students comment about your “rockin’ soulful” playlists. Can you tell us how music inspires your practice and how you compile your selections?

Elizabeth: Creating inspiring and uplifting playlists for my students has always been a very important part of my teaching. I am passionate about using music to create a total “experience” for students, taking them on a journey as they move on their mats. My song selection is based on the rhythm and pace of each part of a vinyasa flow, so that each class has an arc–starting soft and soothing, steadily building and then returning to soft and soothing once again. It’s always an eclectic mix! You’ll find yourself flowing to everything from blues, folk, indie, pop, to classic rock!

Join Elizabeth Saturdays 3pm for Vinyasa Flow – Mixed Level – a perfect way to take that time for yourself during a busy weekend of activities!

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Rozanne Englehart