Rachel has been helping us out at Yoga Sol for a while now and became a permanent staff member last month.  I know many of you have enjoyed her classes and are getting to know her.  I share a “getting to know Rachel” conversation below!  Again, welcome Rachel to our Yoga Sol family!

Rozanne: I just love how you balance an energetic flow with mindful focus. Can you share a little of your passion for this style of yoga.

Rachel BakerRachel: Yoga is so much more than just physical movement; it is truly a stretching and strengthening discipline for mind, body, and soul. If we exercise one but forget the other two, we’ve forgotten the “balance” aspect of our practice. My passion is to share balance with those around me, while I embrace it myself.

Rozanne: Can you tell us what traditions and teachers have had the most significant influence on your practice and your teaching?

Rachel: I began practicing Hatha yoga under the instruction of Erika Calig of Cloud Nine Yoga, she was my first teacher and has continued to be a guide throughout many years of in depth practice and education.

Rozanne: We know that you are a young mother.  Does yoga help you balance the demands of a very active young son?

Rachel: Yoga keeps me sane as I attempt to navigate through parenthood! Thankfully my son has taken to yoga himself, so it allows us to bond and have fun playtime and self-exploration.

Rozanne: What are a few of the most important lessons you hope to teach your students, and what are a few examples of lessons you have learned from your students?

Rachel: If we can slow down and better learn to nurture and love ourselves then we will be better equipped to do the same to those around us. The clarity of mind and the openness of heart that yoga can create can literally change the way we feel about ourselves and those around us.

No better way to kick off your week than with a Rachel class – Monday 9am Hatha Flow Mixed Level or 10:30am Hatha Flow Centered (all levels)!

 Rozanne Englehart