Getting To Know Rachel Silverman!

We are so thrilled to announce Rachel Silverman, E-RYT to our Yoga Sol permanent staff! She launches a new Friday 6pm and Saturday 3pm Vinyasa Flow Intermediate Level class beginning April 10th, and will also be bringing an all levels “Arm Balance Workshop” to the studio Sunday May 3rd at 1pm.

Everyone who has taken Rachel’s classes just can’t stop talking about them! To get to know her a bit more, I share a little Q & A below:

ROZANNE: People tell us that your classes are fun and physically challenging with a mindful focus on anatomy and alignment. Can you tell us a little bit more about your personal vision for your classes?

RACHEL: I love to teach a fun class that physically challenges everybody, but at the same time I really explain the proper alignment for the poses. I not only explain to students how to align their bodies in the poses but also which muscles are strengthening and which are lengthening. I like students to know why the poses are good for their body and the benefits of the practice. Each of my classes focuses on a different theme, which keeps my classes creative and interesting.

ROZANNE: You have such a rich training and credentialed background (Yoga Alliance 200-hr E-RYT, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Certified Yoga Sculpt Teacher. In process of 500 hour Yoga Medicine teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank.) Can you tell us about how these influences share your own individual teaching style?

Rachel arm centerRACHEL: My teaching style has evolved over the years, but even when I first started teaching my main focus was on building strength and flexibility for healthy bodies. My personal trainer and fitness background influences the strength aspect of the practice. My personal mission is to help everyone be a healthier version of themselves and I believe that includes strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, and more. More recently, my Yoga Medicine training has influenced how I approach anatomy and injuries in classes. I love that in the Yoga Medicine training we work with injuries in a vinyasa style practice and not just restorative type poses. I incorporate even more specific anatomy into the themes of my group classes and working with private clients.

ROZANNE: Can you tell us a little about your vision for the new Vinyasa Flow Intermediate Classes?

RACHEL: My vision for the new Friday 6pm class is to teach a challenging class that breaks down arm balances and inversions. There will always be a fun flow with more intermediate/advanced poses sprinkled throughout. The idea is that you come to this class to learn and challenge your body. You do not need to know how to do all the poses beforehand, but you should have an understanding of Chaturunga and the basic standing poses.

ROZANNE: We are intrigued and excited that you are bringing an Arm Balance Workshop to Yoga Sol. Can speak to the “all levels” – can you share your vision here – maybe encouraging the slightly apprehensive, but curious student?

RACHEL: This all levels workshop is meant for students who would like to learn the arm balances. So even if you do not know how to do Crow, that is why you come. I will teach poses that help build up the strength needed for the arm balances, so that you can continue to work on those at home in your yoga practice. For each arm balance that we will be learning, we will first work on poses that help to strengthen and prepare the body, then we will break down the set up of the pose, and lastly there will be lots of play time where I walk around the room and assist everyone. After this workshop, you will know how to build strength and prepare for arm balances as well how to set up the foundations of the poses. You will leave the workshop with a strong understanding and knowledge of the main arm balances we practice in class.

ROZANNE: We understand you are just about to study at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. Can you tell us this study holds for you?

RACHEL: I am excited to be heading to Kripalu for my next module in my 500 hour Yoga Medicine training with Tiffany Cruikshank. Each module has a different topic. So far in my training I have completed the following modules: Deepening your practice, Spine & Chakras, Adjusting & Assisting, Shoulder, and 2 other anatomy courses on spine and shoulder. The module at Kripalu is called a 5 day detox. It will include: 3 hours of daily vinyasa yoga for detoxification, Myofascial release to unravel tension and clear out toxins in the tissues, Nutritional information and whole-foods supplements to aid detoxification, Pranayama and meditation to release mental toxins, and afternoon workshops on detox, meditation, restorative yoga, and more.

ROZANNE: We know you love teaching – can you tell us what you learn from your students and what inspires you?Rachel arm beach cropped

RACHEL: My students are the reason I continue to teach! I have been teaching for 7 years and I continue to be inspired by my students dedication, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. It is the best feeling in the world when a student you have been working with for a while has a break through. I love to help students work through challenging poses, injuries, pregnancies, tightness, fear, etc. Breakthroughs can happen in many different ways and it is wonderful to see how yoga has a positive impact on their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally.

ROZANNE: Can you tell us a little about what first drew you to yoga – when you were that beginning student?

RACHEL: My friend in college had to convince me to try yoga. I thought it would just be stretching and be too easy for me, because I was already very active. Finally, when I went to a class at a studio with her, I couldn’t believe how much I sweat and how sore I was the next day. I noticed muscles were sore that I didn’t even know existed. After that I was convinced that yoga was a type of exercise. Everyone may not agree, but that is what initially drew me to yoga. After about a year of practicing yoga that is when I started to get interested in more than just the physical practice. When I did my 200hr teacher training I learned a lot about the philosophy and how that could connect to my everyday life.

ROZANNE: We know that you are also a teacher’s teacher – having created your own 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program and Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training- Rachel Silverman Yoga School, approved by Yoga Alliance. Can you share a little of that passion?

RACHEL: Leading teacher trainings is one of the most rewarding experiences. I love to help my students along the journey of becoming a teacher. It is amazing to see their progress from week 1 of the training, until the Final at the end. I am so proud of the wonderful yoga teachers they become.


Make sure to keep a head’s up for Rachel’s Vinyasa Classes, Friday’s at 6pm and Saturday’s at 3pm!


Rozanne Englehart