January 2014 Student of the Month – Valerie M From Orange, CA

Valerie M – Orange, CA
As YOGA SOL’s member #1 in Sept’12, Valerie told us that she came to yoga for: Overall Health, Fitness, Reduced Stress, Flexibility, Body Awareness, Injury Prevention, Awareness, Transition, Mental clarity, Discipline, Weight Loss, Rejuvenation, Rest and Recovery. Today she tells us, Yoga is a great stress reducer which has benefited me greatly with chronic pain. I feel stronger and more fit and that makes every day more enjoyable. Yoga has certainly given me a new respect and appreciation for my body.

We salute Valerie’s consistent and varied practice – steadily coming 3-4 times a week to classes that range from Candle Light Restorative, to Meditative Flow, to energetic flows.  She shares her philosophy with us: In Yoga as with many things, discipline and consistency offer physical and mental rewards and a deep feeling of satisfaction.

When asked how she originally found yoga, Valerie shares her story and thanks Glen Swindler, her first yoga instructor. Glen’s knowledge, devotion and caring style of teaching spoke to me, and I sensed that very first day that yoga was what I had been looking for. Glen has become both mentor and friend and it’s thru his skill and encouragement that my practice has become so much richer and deeper.  I have embraced meditation which has enhanced my life greatly. Yoga is a journey I am on – the physical part is a means to enrich the mind, the heart, the soul.

Valerie MValerie M