January 2015 Students of the Month – Lisa, Aiden, and Ivy V. From Yorba Linda, CA

Lisa, Aiden, and Ivy V – Yorba Linda

In this first month of 2015, we salute family members Lisa, Aidan & Ivy for their consistent practice together and for bringing such friendly youthful energy to our community!

Mom Lisa first came to Yoga Sol just about two years ago. When asked what originally drew her to yoga, she shares: “I am drawn to the physical, mental and emotional balance that yoga offers and I love the self-awareness that yoga cultivates.”

Motivated by the benefits of yoga, Lisa tells us: “I like to think of yoga as a gift to myself. The classes nourish me in a unique way and when I’m not feeling motivated, I remind myself that yoga is one of the few things I can do for myself that is truly beneficial to my well-being.”

After several months of advancing her own practice, Lisa brought her son and daughter to yoga. She tells us: “I am really thankful that I get to share something I love with Aidan (15) and Ivy (12), while doing something so beneficial for our health. I also appreciate that yoga provides them with a personal awareness and understanding of their anatomy.”

The family consistently attends Anh Chi and Noelle’s Gentle, Healing & Restorative classes. Lisa comments: “I initially started with the gentle and healing classes because I wanted classes that I could feel successful in and that were not too physically challenging. However, I have continued these classes because they meet all of my personal needs and I LOVE the instructors.”

Intelligent practitioner Aidan inspires us: “I enjoy yoga because it is relaxing and prepares me for the rest of my day. Yoga keeps me limber and helps realign my body after long periods of video gaming.” Mindful practitioner Ivy shares: “I like the balance of physical work and relaxation. I really enjoy the music and love the instructors. They’re great.”