July 2014 Student of The Month – Frances V From Yorba Linda, Ca

Frances V – Yorba Linda, Ca

Congrats to Frances – our first mom-to-be Student of the Month! She truly inspires us with her consistency – coming three to four times a week – and always with a beautiful smile and enthusiasm!

Frances came to Yoga Sol a little over a half year ago, even before she was pregnant, looking to alleviate stress and for exercise. Having had both positive and negative exposures to yoga, she was very focused on finding the best teachers and classes for her. She did her homework and has been consistently practicing Gentle & Restorative yoga with Anh Chi and Noelle.

With her pregnancy, Frances has dealt with sciatica pain, but has found notable relief with yoga. She tells us of tackling the pain through a journey of western medicine, medication, chiropractic, her own research and now yoga. She shares, The truth is, my motivation is pain relief. My best nights of rest are on Thursdays when I can go twice a day. So I’ll go in the morning for the Gentle class with Anh Chi and then at night for Restorative with Noelle.

When asked for any inspirational thoughts for other young mothers-to-be, Frances shares: My best advice is to find the time to exercise. Not only is it better for your baby but it’s better for you. For me, yoga works as a stress and pain relief. It helps me refocus my posture so that I’m not hurting my back with the extra weight I’m carrying around. You see most mothers-to-be with their hands on their lower back as they’re walking because they have lost their center of gravity. Yoga also helps you gain better breath control which is really important when you’re giving birth (so I’m told). Most importantly, yoga has taught me to listen to my body. When I used to practice yoga, I could do most poses with little to no problems. However, now being pregnant with sciatica I had to learn my body’s limitations and to listen. It made me more aware of what was happening to my body. So I guess the silver lining to having sciatica is that I can read my body and choose the proper responses to what my body needs.