July 2015 Student of the Month – Jan Histon From Yorba Linda, Ca

Jan H. – Yorba Linda, Ca

Rozanne: Congrats, you are our YOGA SOL Student of the Month for July! When you first came to Yoga Sol over two years ago, we understood that you came to yoga for balance, stability, firm muscles and abs. Can you tell us a little of that original inspiration?

I noticed as I aged I was losing my balance and stability. I also needed to firm my muscles, especially to build my leg muscle to support my bad knee. Of course firming the abs is the core to improving stability.

Rozanne: We chose you for your inspired consistent practice – steadily coming almost since the very beginning of Yoga Sol opening, even with your busy schedule. Can you talk about yoga’s role in your life?

I felt so good coming to Yoga class. Yoga not only helped attain my original goals, but helped me reduce stress, especially in my shoulders and neck. Stretching the hamstrings took away the pain I had in my left hip. Every time I walk into Trader Joe’s, I think of Rozanne’s words to walk tall and not hunch over. Yoga has made me aware of my posture and stress levels.

Rozanne: You were one of my first “golf buddies” to come to come to the studio. Has yoga helped your golf game?

Yoga has definitely helped improve my golf game. Balance and stability are extremely important in golf. Yoga breathing also helps to relax while playing.

Rozanne: As a former teacher and leader in our Yorba Linda community, any inspirations that you can share for others just getting started in yoga?

Yoga is a great way to obtain numerous health benefits. It is helpful for any age group. YOGA SOL is great in personalizing the exercises to meet individual needs.



Rozanne Englehart