June 2014 Student of The Month – Brigitte H From Yorba Linda, Ca

Brigitte H – Yorba Linda, Ca

Brigitte came to Yoga Sol a little over a year ago, with the encouragement of her friend Nancy.  Brand new to yoga, Brigitte was looking for flexibility and a healthy back.  She tells us that she was curious about practicing yoga vs. other intense exercises to create more space and flexibility – strengthening vs. inflaming – particularly in her back. Not knowing then – what I know now – that I would truly love it – understanding now how strength and flexibility contribute to my overall wellbeing.  I can’t imagine ever not doing yoga for the rest of my life.

Brigitte inspires us with her comments on yoga’s benefits: Yoga has changed my mindset about exercise and I now listen to my body – no longer striving to go beyond my limits – but enjoying the flow and rhythm of yoga.  I can let go of expectations or any type of striving – encouraging a healing and strengthening time for myself. 

We salute Brigitte’s consistent practice.  She shares: I very much look forward to my practice.  It helps me to maintain my joy.  I very much miss it when I travel – definitely making it a priority in my schedule.

A mother of four and soon to be young grandmother of five, Brigitte embraces community, just as we do.  She tells us: I appreciate the peace and serenity, as well as the friendships with my classmates and instructors.   Discovering new avenues to peace and enjoyment are always on my list!