March 2014 Student of the Month – LaGena G From Brea, CA

LaGena G – Brea, CA

This March we salute LaGena G – her beautiful smile just looks like spring!

Smiles are part of her business as the manager of a busy dental practice here in Yorba Linda.  LaGena is quite an inspiration of juggling a busy life.  She is a wife, mother of five, Grandma of six and recently started a “Day of Wedding Coordinator” business – One Blissful Wedding Day.  When asked if yoga helps in balancing all these responsibilities, LaGena shares: Yes, yoga is great for relieving stress.  The emphasis yoga places on being in the moment helps relieve stress.  Because of the concentration, my daily troubles both large and small seem to melt away.  This provides a much needed break from my busy non-stop life!

 With all of her busy non-stop life, we applaud LaGena’s consistent Tuesday & Thursday 7am practice – almost never missing a Tuesday or Thursday over the past year!  She reminds us that she was hooked the first time and thanks Amy! In addition to her early mornings, LaGena will weave in some other classes and workshops as her schedule permits.

LaGena shares thoughts on the benefits that yoga has brought her:  I feel the difference yoga makes! I feel better physically and mentally.  I’m more flexible, stronger, have better balance then when I started a year ago. LaGena also comments, I love that yoga makes me feel spiritual and I have sense of wellbeing.  She tells us that she’s hoping yoga helps slow the aging process.  We think LaGena’s vibrancy and beautiful practice will always keep her young!

Congratulations LaGena!