March 2015 Student of the Month – Barrett S. from Yorba Linda, Ca

Barrett S. – Yorba Linda, Ca

This March we salute Barrett Steward – young father of three girls, busy executive, sports enthusiast (Skiing, Mountain Biking, Surfing) and inspired Yogi!

Rozanne: Congrats, you are our Yoga Sol Student of the month for March! When you first came to Yoga Sol last year, we understood that you were new to yoga. What first drew you to yoga?

Barrett: I have always been interested in Yoga and Eastern ideas about living a healthy, balanced and centered life. I first tried Yoga without really knowing it years ago when I traveled to Thailand. I was amazed at the strength, health and peacefulness of the people and many of them dedicated that to Yoga and Meditation. More recently, I came to Yoga Sol looking for a way to keep myself strong, healthy and refocused on balanced living. I also enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, balance & strength Yoga allows me in the sports I enjoy like Skiing, Mountain Biking and Surfing.

Rozanne: Can you share how yoga has been beneficial to you since beginning your practice last year?

Barrett: As we get older, our body’s stiffen up more and become less flexible. Yoga has helped to maintain FULL body flexibility to allow me to continue if not add to the many outdoor adventure sports I enjoy. I also am a big believer in breathing flow and how it affects our energy, especially during activity. By focusing on quality breathing during a Mountain Bike climb for example, I find I have more energy to sustain the climb to the top.barrett 1

Rozanne: We notice that you consistently practice at least twice a week. What inspires you to keep this consistency in your practice?

Barrett: My desire to live a long active and healthy life along with my 3 daughters inspires me to keep practicing and stay consistent with Yoga. Also, the model (while always a work in progress) for a balanced, healthy and centered approach to life is one of the greatest gifts I can pass on to my girls.

Rozanne: As a young father and professional executive, how does yoga help you balance these responsibilities?

Barrett: The physical part of Yoga helps me to maintain fun & active relationships with my daughters and also stay energetic in my sports and career. It also is a welcome distraction to the stressfulness of trying to make everything happen in life. The meditative part of Yoga helps to refocus and release stress and minimize or eliminate ‘head trash’ or things that just don’t serve a purpose in my life.

Rozanne: We see that you take Yoga Sol’s Hatha Flow classes – our classes focused on a balanced mix of an intelligent physical asana practice, deep muscle releases, and a meditative centering. Can you speak to this choice?

Barrett: So far I have found that the Hatha Flow classes and certain Yoga Instructors provide me with a good overall mind, body and soul cleansing. I also like the physical challenges as well as the attempts at re centering myself through the breathing exercises. Anything that can improve your overall quality of life is worth practicing and the Yoga Instructors at Yoga Sol are great at guiding me through along the way! Thanks Rozanne and Yoga Sol!


Rozanne Englehart