May 2014 Student of The Month – Steve B From Yorba Linda, Ca

Steve B – Yorba Linda, CA

This May, we salute Steve Birmingham, the very first Yoga Sol client we spoke to nearly two years ago!  Steve called to find out about the studio while we were still in construction and hiring teachers.  Thanks Steve, you helped us craft our schedule with your teacher referrals and market perspective!

Today Steve has been practicing yoga for over four years and has what we would call a “sophisticated practice”.   He embraces the full value of the practice.  When asked what initially drew him to yoga, he shared that he first came to the practice to deal with several stressful situations.  An analytical professional himself, Steve took in friends’ suggestions, but did his own extensive research.  He found his way to Hatha yoga and embraced the full practice – so much more than just Asana.

When asked about yoga’s benefits, Steve shares: Yoga has helped me reduce and manage stress and help slow the “monkey mind” down.  Yoga has also introduced me to various forms of meditation, an understanding of the Chakras… I use Chakra-based meditation regularly.  Yoga, along with Tai Chi and Qi Gong, have also taught me about “being in the moment”.  Perhaps most importantly, Yoga has introduced me to so many wonderful people and fantastic teachers who I have had the privilege to study under and grow my practice, and who have each given me a part of themselves to mold my yoga practice into one that is customized for me and therefore most helpful to me.  Some of my early teachers are now at Yoga Sol, which is so very nice! 

We salute Steve’s consistent practice – a juggle with executive responsibilities and travel schedule.  He tells us that the value for him is the staying in the moment and if he misses, he notices the difference and that is what makes me carve out as much time as possible for my practice.


Thanks again and Congratulations Steve!