May 2015 Student of the Month – Erica T. From Yorba Linda, Ca

Erica T. – Yorba Linda, Ca

ROZANNE: Congrats, you are our YOGA SOL Students of the month for May. When you first came to Yoga Sol last year, we understood that you had started practicing a little while ago, but not long. Can you tell us what first drew you to yoga?

ERICA: I was first drawn to yoga because of its health benefits. Being an avid runner I suffered an injury and found that it was only relieved through stretching. I felt that yoga could help me balance my intense cardio routine with some healthy stretching.

ROZANNE: We chose you for your inspired consistent practice – always coming at least twice a week with a beautiful smile, even with your busy schedule as an Orange County teacher. Can you talk about yoga’s role in your life?

ERICA: Yoga started off as a physical benefit, but my devotion and continued practice has come as a result of the emotional and spiritual benefits that I’ve experienced. Yoga has helped me to face my defects such as my ego, and allowed me to work through them from the inside out. It was in a yoga class that I was and continually am encouraged to leave the “worldly issues,” “ my own personal expectations and ego” off of my yoga mat and outside the door. What freedom!!

ROZANNE: You seem to take a wide variety of classes – Hatha and Vinyasa Flows, Yoga With Ropes, and Yin Flow. Can you tell us how this variety of styles and instructors has helped you advance your practice?

Erica: I enjoy the variety in classes and at times it has been time and schedule that have determined which class I take, but as I continue to attend each one benefits a specific aspect of my life. The meditation helps me to center, and let go of my stresses, and the deeper more challenging flows and ropes encourage me to relax and not take myself so seriously, but go beyond my minds limitations.

ROZANNE: As a young professional, can you specifically share any words of encouragement to other young professionals juggling the demands of career, family and friends to find time for a personal practice.

ERICA: Yoga has become a MUST in my life. If I want to feel balanced and centered I need it. My yoga practice helps me maintain a sense of physical and emotional balance that I can lose in the quick pace of life, and daily grind. My practice allows me to pause and ENJOY my life instead of just moving along in auto pilot. It is a necessary and cherished gift that I give to myself.