Welcome Monica to YOGA SOL’s permanent teaching staff! Some of you may know Monica from the wonderful classes here at Yoga Sol where has she filled in for out-of-town teacher. Now you can see her every Tuesday at 6pm & 7:30pm and Wed 10:30am in Hatha Flow Mixed Level.

I personally love Monica’s classes because she blends a physically energetic practice with a soulful grace. Maybe it’s because she is a mom of four that she is so welcoming and gracious…and she gets us to do the work! I just love her combination of strength and grace. Well, I guess that is what balance is all about…isn’t it?

I share my discussion with Monica so that you can get to know and love her classes as much as I do!

Monica Valdez

Yoga Sol Interview Responses

Rozanne: I just love the joy and creativity that you bring to your teaching. You present a beautiful joyful flow practice that blends skillful fundamentals with graceful challenge. Can you share a little of your passion for this flow presentation.

Monica: My passion for teaching comes from the idea that I am creating art through movement. I imagine that the student’s bodies are made of clay, and that through skillful guidance I can help them mold their bodies into works of art. However, teaching people how to use their own bodies to heal and strengthen themselves through mindful movement and meditation is the most satisfying aspect of teaching yoga.

Rozanne: Can you tell us what traditions and teachers have had the most significant influence on your practice and your teaching?

Monica: The traditions that most influence my practice come from the lineages of Krishnamachrya and Bishnu Gosh. One of my original teachers and mentor Bonnie Knight has influenced my teaching the most.

Rozanne: What are a few of the most important lessons you hope to teach your students, and what are a few examples of lessons you have learned from your students?

Monica: The most important lessons that I hope to teach my students are; to be patient with themselves, to leave competition and their ego at the door, and to practice as if they are the only one in the room. One of the most important lessons my students have taught me is to keep their individual skill levels in mind while at the same time challenging them in order to promote growth.