Tina, welcome to YOGA SOL’s permanent staff!  Many of you know Tina from the wide range of “guest teaching” classes here and have been requesting that she have a regularly scheduled class.  We’re happy that we’ll be seeing her regularly with her Wed 7:30pm Tranquil Flow – YIN Inspired Yoga.  Read on to get a little more insight into her background.  You’ll be impressed!  If you aren’t familiar with the E-RYT 500 Credentials, I can tell you that they are Yoga Alliance’s highest certification (actually means Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of education and over 2000 hours of teaching experience.)

Rozanne:  We have appreciated your guest teachings here and notice that you seem equally skilled and comfortable teaching anywhere along the tranquil to challenging spectrum.  As a sixteen year experienced teacher, can you share your thoughts on the full spectrum of the practice?

Tina: There are many styles of yoga to choose from these days.  Weather it’s vigorous Vinyasa, classical Hatha, Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Restorative, or some other un-named style, I believe there is something for everyone.  The key is that we become a silent observer to ourselves on our mat to we can determine if the style we have chosen is beneficial to us or not.  Some key questions to ask ourselves are:  Can I maintain my postures with a steady rhythmic breath in and out through the nose? Am I in pain or am I feeling sensations of muscles working? Do I feel refreshed and balanced in my mind, body and emotions when I finish my practice? Many times we are attracted to what we need the least so we need to be aware of our habits and patterns so we can mindfully choose a Yoga Practice to bring us into balance.  If we live a fast paced, stressful and some what competitive lifestyle we might think about choosing a more Yin inspired practice.  If we are at a slower pace, do a lot of sitting, or not so much movement, we might find a Vinyasa helps balance us.  Most importantly, whatever style we choose we must practice with a happy smiling face.  May your journey be your JOY!

Rozanne: This August, you will launch a new class at YOGA SOL – Tranquil Flow – YIN Inspired.  Can you share a little of your vision for the class? 

Tina: My vision for this class is for everyone to leave refreshed, balanced and above all HAPPY.  Tranquil Flow – YIN Inspired will help people work out the kinks and the day’s stress.  The body will move through a tranquil breath centered flow so the body will be able to then sit comfortably through the remainder of our Yin Inspired deep stretching.  This combination opens up the body so it can let go of stored toxins and emotions, and gain more range of motion in joints, tendons, ligaments and fascia.  This also increases the flow of life force energy (in yoga we call this Prana.  Chinese medicine refers to it as Chi). All of this will allow the body and mind to deeply relax at the end so the body may regenerate and restore itself to balance and Happiness.

Rozanne:  Your class will be “YIN” inspired.  Can tell us a little about that?

Tina: Yin represents several qualities one being more of a passive nature.  Although the Tranquil Flow –Yin Inspired class will be a complete practice we will bring a little Yin even into our flow and slow things down a bit so we have time to really connect with the breath and move mindfully with awareness.  Once we have gently warmed up the body we will move into complete Yin inspiration by supporting our postures with props so we can relax a bit deeper and hold the postures a bit longer.  During our completely Yin inspired postures the muscles are relaxed and passive and we work on the connective tissues, joints, tendons, and ligaments.  When we work from a more passive state we are able to induce that feeling of calm, relaxed energy.

Rozanne:  Your rich background is impressive: sixteen year teaching experience, E-RYT 500 credentials, Certified Yoga Therapist Loyola Marymount, Director Anahata Yoga & Wellness’ 200 & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Ayurvedic Practitioner.  In your experience, have you seen students’ needs changing?  What do you see most needed in our O.C. modern lives?

Tina: Definitelym the needs of students are changing.  Slowing things down has now become something people actually have to practice.  Yoga is a beautiful way to help us become present in our lives.  I see now even more than ever, a much younger crowd (late teens to mid-twenties) beginning to realize this.  Many of my students of this age group previously wanted a very physically challenging practice and now many of them really want to slow down a bit and learn how to relax.  On the other hand, I see many more middle-agers taking up yoga for more health benefits rather than just a “workout”.  It is nice to see people recognizing Yoga for ALL it has to offer.

Rozanne:  Can you share some of your favorite things about teaching?

Tina:  My most favorite thing about teaching is seeing the transformation people make from the time they step on their mat to the time they leave.  In an hour to hour and a half, smiles have returned, stress has been dissolved and Happiness prevails. This is truly a gift for me to be a part of people’s transformation.  I also direct a Teacher Training Program.  Being able to teach people to share this gift is beyond words.  As the old saying goes…“do what you love and you will never work another day in your life”.  I always look forward to teaching.  For this I am blessed!

Rozanne Englehart