Dec 2015 Student of the Month – Vivian Chern from Anaheim, CA

Vivian Chern from Ananheim, CA

Rozanne: Congratulations! When you first came to Yoga Sol, you had already taken a few classes. What is it that drew you to yoga?

Vivian: Thank you! I am honored to be selected for student of the month. I started practicing yoga because it was something I could do for myself to find peace of mind outside of being a mom with two young kids (newborn and 2 year old). When I came to the mat I learned patience, acceptance and believing in what seemed to be impossible.
Rozanne: You first came to our studio in 2012. You have been a very loyal student, coming to class nearly every day for the past year. We commend your exceptional commitment! What benefits do you get from yoga that keep you so dedicated to coming to class?

Vivian: I started slowly with yoga only practicing once a week and could barely lift my own legs without the assistance of my arms. At that time I hadn’t done any regular physical activity for many years. My first yoga instructor encouraged me and taught me recognize that each time I made ANY effort it was an effort I should applaud. Anytime I was discouraged and would said “I can’t do this,” she always added the word “yet” to the end of that sentence. Over months I saw progress as I came back week after week. She proved to be right and once a week turned to twice a week turned to 7 times a week.
The benefits of yoga for me are feeling peace, the alignment of body-spirit-mind, and detoxification. And more importantly, yoga makes my daily life feel balanced.

Rozanne: From the start, you have admitted that you enjoy a very physical yoga practice. Can you share a little bit about your growth in the past few years?

Vivian: I love yoga because it challenges my mind’s limiting beliefs; what I originally believed to be impossible can be achieved as long as I work at it and keep trying. I have watched myself grow into doing poses that when first introduced I thought “That’s something I will accept I can probably never do.” However I just put one foot in front of the other so to speak, and each little effort becomes progress that leads me to practice poses I never believed my body could achieve.

Rozanne: We absolutely loved seeing your children model for our Kids Yoga class. We often see you and your husband doing a switch-off with the kids at the studio. Being a busy mother of two, you still manage to make it to class consistently. Can you talk about yoga’s role in yours and your family’s life?

Vivian: Yoga has made me a better person. It’s taught me to slow down and be present, and to listen to what my body needs. It’s shown me that effort and just showing up is what counts when it comes to moving toward a goal. I take that mentality into my daily life and not only teach but model to my children that what matters is being in the now, enjoying each moment, and if you keep trying, anything that looks impossible (whether it’s sports, academics, or any other challenges in life) is actually all possible.

Thank you Vivian!

Rozanne Englehart