Oct 2016 Student of the Month – Randi Finney

Rozanne: Congratulations! You are our Yoga Sol Student of the Month for October. You’ve been a consistent yoga practitioner for about 3 years now. What brought you to the mat in the first place, and what has kept you coming back?

Randi: In Nov 2013 I had a heart attack and my doctor told me I had to eliminate stress in my life. Since I couldn’t give up my divorce, teenagers, or job, I tried yoga. And it has been my life saver (literally!) ever since.

Rozanne: Randi, you always come into the studio so cheerful and upbeat! What allows you to carry yourself with such a positive attitude?

Randi: Thank you, I really try to see the positive things in life and surround myself with positive people, since I absorb the energy of those around me. Just knowing I’m coming into a grounding, tranquil place where I can focus on the here and now really helps.

Rozanne: We understand that you found Yoga Sol after your former yoga studio closed. What was the transition to Yoga Sol like?

Randi: It was very tough in the beginning. I came from a little “family-type” studio where I began my journey which helped heal my heart and soul, so it will always hold a special place. Yoga Sol was a much larger venue, so I was originally a little intimidated, but quickly grew to love the instructors and variety of classes offered.

Rozanne: You’ve taken a wide range of classes; from Vinyasa Flows and Ropes, to Yin and Kundalini! What draws you to such a diverse practice?

Randi: I love all the different kinds of practices that Yoga Sol offers! Each class offers such unique opportunities and makes me think and utilize different parts of my body. The diversity helps keep my mind and body balanced.

Rozanne: Thank you so much for bringing such positivity into our studio Randi. We love seeing your big smile every time you come in!

Rozanne Englehart