October 2014 Student of The Month – Wendy B From Anaheim Hills, CA

Wendy B - Yoga Sol's October Student of the Month 2014

Wendy B – Anaheim Hills

Wendy Baker represents all the very best of our Yoga Sol community! Exuberant, fun, bubbly and always upbeat with a friendly greeting and that beautiful smile! A 20 year practitioner, Wendy has a deep appreciation and commitment to the practice. Her example and passion make her a wonderful ambassador of yoga.

Wendy’s recent recovery from back surgery has been truly inspiring. Working with her doctor and therapist, she came back to yoga and golf within weeks.

When asked what benefits of yoga have inspired her consistency, she shares: Benefits of yoga are that if I don’t do it I feel it! Consistency is definitely key in yoga and after my back surgery and wasn’t able to bend twist or lift, I really missed my poses! But with time, I was so ready to do my yoga poses that give me relief and strength and in no time I was back exercising and golfing.

Inspiring words for others, Wendy shares: If you are facing any surgery and you feel you are at the end of your rope, as I did…Yoga is a practice that you just need to be careful and do what you can and listen to your body.

Aside from being an inspirational yogi, Wendy is a terrific golfer! Wendy & Rozanne partnered earlier this year in a Yorba Linda Country Club Golf Tournament and came out winners! Of course, we owe it all to Yoga!

Side note to Yorba Linda Country Club members – Wendy is currently running for a position on the Board of Governors – running on a “Balanced Platform”…again, owes it all to yoga.  Vote for Wendy and receive a yoga class courtesy of Yoga Sol – we support a “Balanced Platform”!