Yes they do at YOGA SOL!  Executives in fast-paced careers come to balance the stress and enjoy a physical practice. Others come to gain flexibility – often to help their golf or baseball games and prevent injury.

Some come to relieve back pain.  Some “young at heart” clients have given up running after injury and have experienced tremendous benefits with yoga.  In the past, it seemed that most men came to yoga because an interest was sparked by the women in their lives.  Now, it seems more men are coming to YOGA SOL on their own.

Robert Downey/ Vinnie MarinoThe apprehensive tend to fear that they are too tight or that they will not be challenged.  Guys are finding that neither is true. When they give it a try, they begin to appreciate yoga as a complex and sophisticated physical practice which can increase flexibility, build muscle energy and functional strength, help prevent sports injuries, reduce stress and increase mental focus.   Several YOGA SOL guys first came on their own and have since brought wives and daughters.

Did you happen to notice that during the Super Bowl power outage delay, that the players stayed warm and loose with “yoga-like” stretches?  You read about Robert Downey Jr., Sting and Bon Jovi as yoga enthusiasts.  You hear about the L.A. Lakers, California Angels and PGA pros embracing the benefits.  And if that isn’t enough to inspire you…

Our newest guy at YOGA SOL is Sam and at 82 years old, and he fully participated in Saturday’s Beginner Class and even got a little applause from all the 20, 30 and 40 somethings! He’ll tell you, he felt great!

As we say at YOGA SOL…Challenge Yourself – Balance Your Life!  You’ll be amazed!


Rozanne Englehart