Maybe because it is April and taxes are due or maybe it’s just because we all just seem to structure our lives busier and busier, but it seems like a theme of “TIME” is resonating with our members.

With this in mind and in response to members’ input, we renew our commitment to starting and ending our classes on time.  We ask all of our students to arrive on time to begin promptly. We’ll have a new policy to keep the centering/meditative opening of class interruption free. (By popular demand.) We have always had a policy not allowing admittance after 10 minutes – really to insure your warm up safety and in and respect for minimizing the disruption for others.  Beginning April 15th, we’ll now ask late arrivals to wait in the lobby until the teacher finds an appropriate time to allow entry.

Time ClockListening to everyone – I get it – everyone’s time is crunched and we all want to grow and deepen our practices – finding the full benefits.  I feel for the carpooling young mothers and the job stressed freeway warriors who have the toughest time getting here on time. We can get you in on those frustrating delays, but everyone benefits from minimizing door opening disruptions.

I really see these requests for quiet centering as quite a testimony to the growth of our students – a sophistication!  Garry & I appreciate the input – it just makes our community stronger!

Now that Yoga Sol is coming up on two years, many of our students are growing and deepening their practices – growing physically stronger, healing injuries, experiencing relaxation and stress reduction and experiencing the full benefits of a mind-body-spirit connection.  I see students gaining more appreciation for the meditative, centering benefits of the practice.  Students who once just came just for the most physical challenge, now expand their practice to include some Candle Light Restorative, Meditative Flow classes and Meditation Workshops.  We hear from you that this full experience – mind-body-spirit is powerful and valuable.

I am also touched by the commitment to their practice that many of our members make and some of the recent stories they have shared with me: the military family coming to yoga for much needed stress relief, the working parents juggling numerous child activities who carve out 75 minutes for class and really value the centering benefits, the executives who commute to Newport Beach and arrive early just so that they can let go,  and the members coming to yoga to navigate personal life transitions who also echo the desire echo the desire to find the full benefits of the practice, addressing mind-body-spirit connection.

We’re all very hopeful that this new focus will make everyone’s yoga experience just that much richer.  Thanks again to our wonderful members and their input!

Additionally, thought I’d share Yoga Sol’s Professional Standards Statement.  We now present this to new students.

Professional Standards

YOGA SOL’s promise to you:

  • Immaculately clean studio – floors and bathrooms sanitized daily
  • The highest credentialed and most experienced instructors
  • Personal attention – mentoring you to meet your own individual goals
  • A diverse variety of 32 authentic yoga classes weekly taught with intelligence, creativity and a safety focus
  • A priority on the full gifts of yoga: strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness, mental clarity and stress reduction
  • Professional environment – all classes starting and ending on time.
  • A nurturing and friendly community


YOGA SOL’s client standards – for the benefit of all:

  • Please select the class that best suits your level of experience and desired amount of challenge or tranquility.
  • Please arrive on time.  Classes will be closed 10 minutes after start time.  Late arrivals will be asked to wait in the lobby to enter after opening centering is complete and instructor finds an appropriate break (approx. 7-15 minutes).
  • If entering late, please enter quietly and respectfully.
  • All cell phones must be silenced in the practice room.
  • Please discuss any injuries or issues affecting your practice with the instructor prior to the class, so that he/she can recommend modifications.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne out of respect for the sensitivity of others.
  • If you are sick, please stay home and rest – we’ll see you when you are well!
  • Listen to your body, don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing, and modify for what feels best in your body.
  • If you must leave a class before it ends, please alert the instructor ahead of time, take an early Savasana (final rest pose) and exit before group’s Savasana.
  • Most importantly…relax, focus, challenge with mindful awareness and ENJOY!


Yoga Sol Student Signature & Date

Rozanne Englehart