September 2014 Students of The Month – Katie & Kevin From Yorba Linda, Ca

Katie R & Kevin W – Yorba Linda, CA

Katie & Kevin came to Yoga Sol last year looking for the benefits of yoga.  Katie, an experienced yoga practitioner, mentions that she comes for that “general feeling of well-being.” Also telling us, “Yoga helps reduce lower back & knee pain as well as increase strength & flexibility.”

Katie’s daughter, Jennifer is a yoga instructor (helping us out here at Yoga Sol on occasion).  When asked if Jennifer has influenced her call to yoga, Katie shares, “Absolutely!  Her yoga practice is always inspiring to me.”

Kevin first told us that he came to yoga looking to strengthen his back and stretch areas surrounding knees and neck.  When asked what originally drew him to yoga, he responded, “As an avid road biker, I needed to add yoga to my workout regime to improve flexibility.”

Kevin, owner of White’s Draperies, also comments on yoga’s benefits in helping meet the demands and hectic schedule of a local business owner – ”Yoga helps with stress management and pain reduction.”

As Yoga Sol family members, we applaud Katie & Kevin for coming together, coming individually, and encouraging each other!