September 2015 Student of the Month – Stacey Dreyfus from Yorba Linda, CA

Stacey Dreyfus from Yorba Linda, CA

Rozanne: Congrats, you are our Yoga Sol Student of the Month for September! When you first came to our studio last year, you had taken a few yoga classes before. What is it that drew you to yoga in the first place?

Stacey: As a 40th birthday present, my Mom took me to a mother/daughter weekend at her favorite spa. At the time, I had almost no core strength. I internalized all of my stress, and it physically manifested itself in my neck and shoulders. I was in a lot of pain and had a limited range of motion. I have always lived an active lifestyle, but in my late thirties, I just got caught up in taking care of my kids and forgot to take care of myself. While I was at the spa with my Mom, I took a few gentle yoga classes and was amazed at how relaxed I felt after them. I set an intention on that trip to sign up at a yoga studio when I returned home.

Rozanne: We applaud you for your commitment and growth, as we’ve noticed you have been coming to the morning classes nearly every day here at Yoga Sol. Being a busy young mother, what are the benefits you receive from yoga that keep you inspired to come so often?

Stacey: This may be the most difficult question to answer, because I could probably write a book on the benefits I receive from yoga! I can honestly say that yoga improves EVERY aspect of my life. To start with, being the mother of two young boys it is important that I have the energy to keep up with them, the patience to handle their wild behavior, the wisdom to teach them right from wrong, and the open heart to discipline them with love. I know the best way for them to learn is through the example I set for them. My boys see that by going to yoga, I am not only taking care of my body, but also my mind. As long as I make the effort to get to class, everything else takes care of itself. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for my whole life, and yoga is the best therapy I have ever encountered. Through yoga, I’ve learned the importance of surrendering to the present with gratitude. This results in a daily joy unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Rozanne: You have been such an ambassador for Yoga Sol, inspiring not only several friends, but also your family to join our studio. We love seeing your husband and your 9-year-old son, Riley, come to our classes. We’re also excited for your younger son, Landon, to join as well. Can you talk a little bit about yoga’s role in yours and your family’s life?

Stacey: Soon after joining Yoga Sol, my family noticed a positive change in me. Not only was I getting stronger, but I was also getting happier and calmer. My 9 year old son, Riley, was the first to say he wanted to go to yoga with me. He often has difficulty calming himself down when he gets upset. I started working with him at home on breathing exercises. When he showed no sign of losing interest, I decided to take him to the beginner class. He loves it! My husband was next to express an interest in yoga. He has a degenerative hip that causes him enormous pain. Yoga has helped alleviate much of his pain and has helped him with relaxation. My 5 year old, Landon, who has been practicing at home with us, will begin taking the new kids class this month. Overall, yoga has created a more positive, loving, healthy environment in our household.

Friends of mine have also noticed the positive changes in me and the passionate way that I speak about yoga. One friend said to me, “You are so good about going.” My response to this was that I couldn’t keep myself away. I said that I had found something that improved every aspect of my life, and that when I went class it was like being on vacation. How could I deny myself a better life? The most difficult part of yoga is getting in the car and driving there.

Rozanne: We’ve seen you’re often drawn toward Vinyasa and Hatha flow classes, as well as a few of the workshops we’ve offered. Can you share a little bit about your choice of classes?

Stacey: Honestly, my choice of classes revolves around my kids schedule. I find the windows where I can get away. Last year, I went to the 10:30 classes, because my youngest was in school from 10-2. Over summer, I had a babysitter come over for a couple of hours a few mornings a week, so I could get to 9:00 classes. Now, my son is in Kindergarten from 8:30-11:40, so I will continue 9:00 classes. I add in weekend or evening classes when I get the chance. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to try so many classes. There is a benefit to be found in every type of class!



Rozanne Englehart