Showcasing Anh Chi’s Rich Background and Unique Style

Many of you know and appreciate Anh Chi’s extensive yoga education and the diverse aspects that she brings to each one of her classes. Whether it is Sun 4pm Candle Light Restorative, Mon 9am Hatha Flow, or Thu 10:30am Gentle Yoga, you know you will always learn something new and will walk away with a sense of renewal.  I am sharing our discussion below as Anh Chi talks yoga joy and philosophy.

Rozanne: I truly love the way you so generously share your knowledge of anatomy in all of your classes. You combine your therapeutic background and rich yoga experience with a joyful and graceful yoga practice. Can you share a little of your passion for the creative variety of tools that you employ (self-massage, corrective exercise breath play, conscious movement, and meditation).

Anh Chi: I use a lot of tools, because I need them! We all carry so many layers of tension that I think asana alone is not enough –that’s why I like to incorporate the balls, breathing exercises and more recently I’ve been adding meditation regularly to my classes. My goal is to help students access this place of natural ease and well-being. We all have it no matter the circumstances in our life.

Rozanne: Can you tell us what traditions and teachers have had the most significant influence on your practice and your teaching.

Anh Chi: I started out with Iyengar yoga, but did my 200hr training at Kripalu. My 300hr training was with teachers in the Krishnamacharya lineage. I also have done additional training with Yoga Tune Up®. I never intended to be so eclectic, but it’s important for me to understand and teach the biomechanics of sound movement –beyond dogma and tradition. At the same time, I want to honor the esoteric and spiritual tradition of yoga as well. It’s not primarily a physical practice, the goal of yoga for me is to cultivate a balanced and healthy state of mind.

Rozanne: What are a few of the most important lessons you hope to teach your students, and what are a few examples of lessons you have learned from your students?

Anh Chi: I want to empower people. In our culture, we are conditioned to think that happiness lies in attaining something in the future. If we have this belief, we will never fully engage with life as it is, nor will we ever be truly satisfied. Yoga has helped me to experience that this isn’t true. Happiness lies in being present, it comes from within us.