Yoga Sol Teacher Certification & Training


Advancing Growth & Discovery

200-Hour Program will meet the Professional Yoga Teaching Standards as set forth by Yoga Alliance (finalizing registration presently)

Successful completion of program will lead to 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance (RYT 200)

(You may also enroll in the program to deepen your practice without having the intention of teaching.)

Techniques and Training Practice

  • Practice and Deconstruct 12 groups of Asanas including: Standing Poses, Twists, Standing Balances, Core Strengthening, Back Bends, Forward Bends, Hip Openers, Shoulder Openers, Sun Salutations (Namaskars), Seated Poses, Inversions, and Arm Balances
  • Healthy Alignment in the poses to promote a safe practice
  • Learning to structure a class to offer a complete practice
  • Whole body sequencing to create a class for maximum benefits
  • Energetics of Flow to fuel transformation through the practice
  • Pranayama and Meditation techniques as part of a complete yoga practice
  • Developing knowledge of both English and Sanskrit names of poses
  • Experiencing the effects of mantra as part of the inner art of yoga

Teaching Methodology

  • Qualities of an Effective Yoga Teacher – teacher presence, building student reproire, developing loyalty and gaining respect and trust
  • Class Preparation (goal, theme, effective planning)
  • Seeing What is in Front of You (sharpening observation skills)
  • Teaching vs. Leading (truly connecting with students and learning to “think on your feet”)
  • Communication Styles and Skills (finding your unique voice)
  • Managing the Room (group dynamics, addressing the unexpected, handling issues or conflicts)
  • Hands on assisting, language for effective cueing, voice projection
  • Effective Teaching to Mixed Level classes (modifications and props)
  • Business Aspects of Teaching Yoga (smart and effective marketing, pertinent legal factors)

Anatomy & Physiology – with Catherine Englehart, Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor

  • Introduction to Anatomy from a Yogic/Holistic Perspective
  • Architecture of the Spine: Balancing Strength & Flexibility
  • Topics covered include: skeletal system, major muscle groups and connective tissue, anatomy of the core, basics of the digestive, circulatory, endocrine, immune and nervous systems, anatomy of the breath,
  • An introduction to Energetic Anatomy – Subtle Body Anatomy from the viewpoint of basic Chakra and Nadi systems

Yoga Philosophy, History and Lifestyle

  • A brief history of yoga in India and how it came to the West
  • Study the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali
  • 8 Limbed Path of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Yoga as a Community Service (discussion of reaching various populations)
  • Writing prompts based on discussion and texts in the reading list to promote inquiry


  • Priority is placed on giving you as much teaching opportunity as possible!
  • Practice teaching, giving and receiving feedback and assisting others while teaching
  • Additional Class Training from lead instructors and other RYT 500 teachers to expose you to different styles of teaching and yoga

Enrichment topics taught by highly credentialed and experienced Specialists:

  • Anatomy and Physiology – Chiropractor, Catherine Englehart
  • Common Injuries and Conditions – Anh Chi Pham, RYT 500®
  • Therapeutically Inspired Yoga – Monica Valdez, E-RYT 200® RYT 500®
  • Prenatal Yoga – April Lovett, E-RYT 200® RPYT®
  • High Physicality Practice – Rachel Silverman, E-RYT 200®
  • Restorative Yoga – Noelle Sumaya, IAYT 800
  • Yin Yoga – Tina Makris, E-RYT 500®
  • Yoga Nidra – Anh Chi Pham, RYT 500®
  • Nutrition – Marisa Voorhees, AADP (Integrative Nutrition Health Coach)


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