The Art of Making It Special

New Years Class - Plank

Moving into the new year and reflecting on the holidays, I think about the joy and art of “making it special.” Especially around the holidays, I remember how my mother always inspires us to create special events. It is that passion for life and that genuine caring for the people in our lives that we care about that translates into the love of the celebration. It is the attention to the details – a unique special meal, a warm ambiance, music, connecting with special people – everything to make it a memorable experience. In our family, we can have a party for just about any holiday you can think of and we are always reminded how the process of “making it special” feeds our spirit!

New Years Class - PlankWe were so thrilled to create a little “making it special” at YOGA SOL with our four holiday classes this season and we thank all who participated. Big thanks to Glen Swindler for his Thanksgiving Day “Gratitude Practice,” Cornelia Spassoff for teaming with me for a bit of a rockn’ New Year’s Eve and Michelle Adams for heading up our Chakra inspired New Year’s Day practice. Colette Aubrey (Coco to her students) and her husband Jason Baran honored us with our first ever live music accompaniment and truly amazing! We even took a few liberties with yoga music on Christmas Eve by practicing to Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker.” And as in any special event, we shared a drink (chai tea) and a snack and enjoyed a conversation with an old friend or met a new friend in our growing community. I love any reason for a celebration, so I truly enjoyed these and look forward to more in the new year!

Lastly, this idea of “making it special” came to me again this morning as I viewed the most amazing commercial (yeah, really) that I have seen in a long time. Check this out and prepare to be amazed…

Proof that even the mundane (a commercial, for goodness sake) can be inspiring and amazing if we are inspired and focus our energy on creating something special.


Rozanne Englehart