The Joy of Yoga Prenatal

In this May Mother’s Day month, I asked Coco Baran, our amazing Prenatal and Restorative instructor to give us a few thoughts on the joys of Prenatal Yoga.  Coco is expecting her second son this July and relates to her students in a powerfully personal way. Coco shares thoughts below…

There are no words to express the joy of being a mother. From the moment you find out, there are so many firsts that a woman experiences. The sound of the heartbeat in the womb, the first kick, the first breath, cry and that amazing first time you hold your baby in your arms are simple joy, bliss and gratitude. Pregnancy can offer women an amazing journey of self discovery. Pregnancy can also bring up many emotions like fear and anxiety. Part of that self discovery is learning to recognize what your body and baby are telling you. Some woman feel better when they’re pregnant and some woman don’t even recognize who they are anymore. Pregnancy can be at one spectrum of the scope to the other. Creating a physical yoga practice can help balance the highs and lows of pregnancy as well as life in general.

CocoThere are so many benefits to creating and continuing a yoga practice. One of my favorite things about yoga is learning to breathe. Our breath is our life force. Learning to create more breath in the body can calm the mind, allowing the body to relax, let go and heal. Early on we teach the baby in the womb the practice of our breathe. Breathing, creating more space for baby and life, we set the foundation for their journey into this world. Relying on your breath can help you in one of the most important events you will ever experience. Creating space and opening the body through the physical postures can benefit the changes the body experiences during pregnancy, birth and recovery. Not only do you get to experience this wonder of yoga, but your little one receives one of the best gifts from mommy, the tools to begin a balanced healthy well lived life.

Coco teaches all levels of yoga. Specializing in gentle, restorative and prenatal. She is currently studying to become a certified doula, is the mother to her seventeenth month old son Bodhi and is expecting her second son in June.