The Puppetry of Yoga With Ropes

If you haven’t yet practiced at Yoga Sol using the Rope Wall, I encourage you to check it out! Our regulars love it and more and more clients are showing curiosity. These ropes can transform the practice of every yogi, from a beginner to an advanced practitioner (and we incorporate a little playful joy!)

In India, it is called “Yoga Kurunta” – Kuranti being the puppet. We learn to position ourselves in Yoga postures by means of suspended ropes as if we were a puppet. You become both the puppeteer and the puppet as your practice takes on a new dimension. Amazing powerful benefits, but also an almost playful grace and energy.

RopesTop benefits include:


The weight of the body in relation to gravity allows your spine to extend much further than in standard yoga poses and opens up the joints. Creating this space in the spine assists flexibility and overall spinal health. You walk out taller and find that you can go deeper in other poses such as backbends.


The support of the ropes takes a little of the balance out of the equation and you find that you are more confident and can actually take the pose to a deeper level. Tree pose with leg support allows you find stronger balance, stay longer in the pose and find a deeper opening in the hip flexors.


When you work with the ropes and hold yourself up, you’ll notice that arm and core strength are required in nearly every pose. This helps build hard-to-reach muscles like forearms, which strengthen the foundation of so many poses.


When students first hang upside down in Hanging Sirsasana they feel exhilarated! They are essentially in headstand, with no issues of neck compression or worry if they don’t quite have the shoulder opening, upper body and core strength for classic Head Stand. The ropes help people get used to being “upside down safely” and feel the benefits of the inversion. The Rope Wall practice helps build the strength and openness required to advance in an inversion practice.


Firstly, the Rope Wall meets strict specifications, can hold 1500 pounds and meets all city inspections – you feel confident with the support. Secondly, the entire Rope Practice cultivates spinal subtlety so that even difficult asanas can be done easily and safely.

6) and…IT IS JUST FUN!

When you consider how “yoga feels in your body” and how you walk away from the experience, I think you will love Yoga With Ropes. You cultivate the feeling of a deep practice, you find some new energy and exhilaration, you even feel like you can fly, and to me, that is joyful – and that’s fun!

I am thrilled that Yoga Sol boasts the largest number of rope wall stations of any studio in our greater area. I had the Rope Wall built to the specs of my mentor teacher Carl Dawson whose teachings go back to the original 80’s staff at the Iyengar Institute in LA. Carl Dawson and Scott Hobbs have brought the ropes to a new level and always capture that joy – thanks for your inspiration!

COME HANG WITH US! Mondays and Fridays at 4:30pm or ask in any of my classes to pull in the ropes.