The Yin & Yang of Noelle’s Classes

Many of you have experienced the elegance, skill and energy of Noelle’s popular flow classes here at Yoga Sol!  Noelle seems to blend the perfect balance of “yang” and “yin”, so you leave feeling quite rejuvenated, even with quite a strong physicality.  The stronger physicality is associated with the “yang” side of the practice – targeting the muscles with often intense postures and breathing techniques.  The “yin” side of the practice is the counterbalance and begins with relaxed muscles and targets the ligaments and joints.  New this month, Noelle teaches our Thursday 7:30pm Candle Light Restorative – focusing on the “yin” side of yoga.

I asked Noelle to share some of her yoga perspectives us.  See below…

Yoga allowed me for the first time in my life to live in the present where I found my connection of mind, body and spirit. I believe yoga is our speed bump of life. It slows us down so we can calm, listen and let go of the grip we unconsciously have in our lives. Yoga has taught me to be patient, dedicated and accepting of myself and others.

Noelle SumayaI will always be a student first and foremost. I am currently enrolled in the Loyola Marymount University, Yoga Therapy Rx program. The program teaches methods of healing the body through yoga. Finding your connection of mind, body and spirit will bring peace, focus and clarity. It will allow the natural healing processes of your body and mind to occur. I am fortunate and blessed to teach and share my passion of yoga with all my amazing students.

Please join us for Noelle’s Hatha Flow – Mixed Level Saturday 9:30am and Candle Light Restorative Thursday 7:30pm.