A very big welcome this month to Carrie Cowan! Carrie now teaches Sundays 10:30am Vinyasa Flow Intermediate and will teach Hatha Flow Thursdays at 4:30pm beginning 9/26. Carrie has been filling in here at Yoga Sol for the last few months and many of you know her by her energetic exuberance and her contagious smile! To get to know her a little better, I share our conversation…

Carrie Cowan

Rozanne: I just love the joy and creativity that you bring to your teaching. You blend skillful alignment fundamentals with graceful and powerful challenge. Can you share a little of your passion for this Vinyasa flow presentation.

Carrie: I strive to emphasize alignment and breath. If you have these two things, the asanas should be somewhat easier. I like a class that is fun and challenging and feels good in my body. That’s what keeps me going back to a class and what inspires the creativity. There are so many benefits to yoga and it takes time and patience and practice. It’s my hope that it makes it a little easier to show up to your mat every day if my students are enjoying themselves. When I create a challenging yoga sequence, I’m hoping not everyone can do it and I like to think of it as a project. We keep refining the project and along the way we get stronger, breath, focus and get steadier, all with more ease. And of course, that’s when it’s time to add to the project, there is always more. And that’s when it gets fun!

Rozanne: Can you tell us what traditions and teachers have had the most significant influence on your practice and your teaching?

Carrie: Traditions… I Love Vinyasa! I love the the physicality of it! I am also influenced by Hatha, Anasura, and Iyengar. International Teachers that influence me and teach me: Tiffany Crushnik, Max Strom, Kathryn Budig, Travis Elliot, Ashley Turner, and Noah Maze’. Local Teachers that inspire me: all my instructors whose classes I attend, my Yogaworks mentors (Kori Strobl, Erika Burkhalter, Randy Allard, Lisabeth Fritz).

Rozanne: What are a few of the most important lessons you hope to teach your students, and what are a few examples of lessons you have learned from your students?

Carrie: My students inspire me as I observe them coming back to their mat every day – watching and hearing as their quality of their lives improve – asking questions and discover all the aspects of yoga, breath, focus, calmness, and becoming aware of how powerful the quality of energy is, in their bodies.

One of the most memorable comments that I’ve heard from a student (and one dealing with back sensitivity and pain) was, “You make people feel better without drugs”. After laughing a lot, and putting it in perspective, I realize that is why I love this healing practice!