What is this ancient healing science called Ayurveda?


We are very excited about Glen Swindler’s next workshop – Ayurveda along with Photos & Presentation from his recent India Sabbatical! Glen shares a little preview in this blog below…

Hi, It’s Glen,

I do thoroughly enjoy helping others using Ayurveda. When I speak of Ayurveda, I tend to hear common questions. The first question is always: “What is Ayurveda?” –

AyurvedaAyurveda is comprised of two Sanskrit words Ayur means “Life” and Veda means “Knowledge”, so Ayurveda means “Life knowledge” or “Science of life” and is commonly referred to as the “Sister Science of Yoga”. This leads to the next question: “How does it work?” Ayuveda works by using opposite qualities of the imbalance. For instance if you had an inflammatory condition, an Ayurveda practitioner might have you take a mixture of herbs that contain an anti-inflammatory that has the qualities of cool and moist. Depending on your make-up (your qualities), some food items may also be suggested. “My Make-up?” – Ayurveda sees everyone as being unique. One food is not proper for each individual no matter how healthy that food item may seem. There are three basic types (dosha): Vata (V), pitta (P) and Kapha (K). Everyone has all three types, but in different proportions.Your VPK make-up will always govern your treatment, to some degree.

“How can I learn more about Ayurveda and my doshas?” – On March 9th, 1-4pm I’m teaching an Ayurveda Workshop with photos from my recent trip to India at Yoga Sol. Click here to sign up and register. I hope to see you there, to answer more questions about Ayurveda and offer you tools you can use to enhance your life.

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